Course to Campus: Day 2

My longest post record is at stake of being broken!!

Circles, lot of circles, running, lots of running, lots of bantas, and of course, lots of fun. And at the end, our job still remained unfinished!!

The Day 2 of Course to Campus began at Thursday night only with filling up of form. It wasn’t my form which was a problem, but my cousin’s, who lives outside Delhi. She wasn’t sure of the course she wanted to apply for, so she decided to apply for almost every course, (from history honours to physiology to zoology honours) in every single college and I had no option but to abide her orders. So there I was with a pen and 100s of OMR circles in front of me:-((Those who had filled OMR forms earlier can easily relate to my pain). I cirled, and cirled and circled and circled but after 2hrs, the clock was striking 1, and I decided to give up!!

Learning from Day 1, we were resolute to leave for North Campus sharp at 9. But (as usual), I woke at 8:30, having only 30minutes for having bath, breakfast, discovering my clothes, my photographs, my marksheets, glue, pen and everything, and the biggest task-filling forms! And there come myRescuer No.1 of the day: my sis. I pleaded her and she headed my plead. My phone was singing, followed by shouts of my friends and I was rushing through my work!! It was 9.15 and I was ready. My sis was also finished with circles.

(“Sarthak Goyal only 15minutes late??? NO!! This can never be possible!!!”)

Ya, this can never be!! I still had 4 of the St.Stephen’s forms(2 each of me and my cousin) left to be filled. And Stephen’s form sucks!! They ask you questions like your interest, hobbies, what you intend to after college and all that shit! So I took the Director’s seat and my sis, the writer’s seat (galz do have good handwriting!). The clock was striking(striking my head!!) 10 and my cell was still singing and shouting!!

With 2 forms still incomplete and my mom screaming, I ran to catch my father (who was leaving for office) and he gave me lift to the metro station.

Finally, I was out from all that topsy-turviness of morning and was sailing smoothly in metro. At Rohini East, I met Thanda( his legal name is Atul Thadani), Saurav at NSP and Isha (and her legal name is.. well leave it!) at Inderlok.

And, at north campus,I was supposed to meet Sonal and Tanvi (both the yields of Orkut).

We(me, sauarv, thanda and Isha) reached North Campus at around 11:15 (and this time nobody threw anything on Metro track!)

At Arts Faculty I met Ms.95% (legal name: Tanvi Taneja) for the first time. (She had came there mainly to meet me and Sonal). But our meeting was even shorter than Sehwag’s longest hair.

After the meet, the OMR sheet striked back!! Me, Saurav and Isha together filled up the form of Thanda (who had and has no clue about courses). Meanwhile as per his character, Thanda was having some fun (clean fun!) on cell with Sonal and Tanvi (I hope they did’t ‘Don’t like’ it). Thanda also thought to give a try to Journalism in Hindi. He bought the form but the words of pure hindi and more importantly the Rs.450 DD requirement, made him to give back his thought.

But during all this, we had already lost hordes of time(and remember we were already late by an hour!). On top of that, it took us half an hour to get the forms photocopied. We tried to be smart and placed Isha in the small girl’s line to submit our forms. But the authorities oversmarted us as they didn’t accept boys form.

So there we were a long queue, 3 forms and 15 mins in our hand (ignoring purchasing and submitting individual college forms in that 15mins time also!!!). There come the Rescuer No.2, Thanda (Thanda, he is everywhere in this hot weather). His “befriend with the front-liner” Technique worked again.

But it wasn’t all over yet (actually, it was!). We were in the situation, we had also been on Day 1: 5colleges in 15mins!! And we followed the same strategy: 2 groups of 2! We also had Mohit who has came in his car to sell his newspaper (he has recently got a “job” of “salesman” at HT). So Saurav and Isha went to SRCC in Mohit’s car and me and Thanda ran for our lives in the chilly-hot weather.

First we went to Ramjas, bought the forms. Then sprinted towards Hindu and bought forms there (Imagine running in sun at 40+ degree celcius) and that was enough for us!! The scorching weather had frozen us. Sweat was raining from our body. We weren’t in condition to move even a step. I then had two glasses of banta and half a litre water.

Meanwhile Sonal called up and told that she was at SRCC. I really wanted to ask her to wait, so that I can come there, but had I, either the Thanda or the heat would have surely killed me (and she had to go to Kamla Nagar). So there we were, only a few meters apart and yet not able to meet up (that was really disappointing) :-(

Then came the another shocker, Saurav and Isha had lost their way and had reached SRCC after 1PM and now, they were coming back without any form.

But the Day 2 wasn’t over yet. (Tired of reading?? I am surprised, u r still reading!!) I had to submit the form for St. Stephen’s. Though I am having no intention in taking admission there, all I want is an experience of interview (a kind of warm up match!) and Stephen is the college which can provide it to me. So there we were four sitting in the “AC” (wow!!) hall of Stephen waiting for 1hour lunch break to get over. (Keep the AC on and we are ready to wait for another hour also!)

But,but, but… I hadn’t yet crammed 2 of the 4 forms (Remember the Morning Topsy-Turviness?). And there you have the Rescuer No.3, Isha (galz really do have gud handwriting). She filled up my form and also of my cousin’s. Then even before the clock stroked 2, there was a long queue (and Thanda’s Technique wasn’t applicable there). So there I waited for another half an hour to submit my form (and all this just 2 have fun of interview)

After that (don’t worry, its over now!) we got SRCC’s form and then headed our way to Metro.

And there ends our little longer DAY 2 of Course to Campus

To sum up Day 2 was the day of some hits (common form, stephen’s form, tanu) and lots of misses (Sonal, Hansraj, KMC, Ramjas, Khalsa, SRCC, Hindu).

Day 3 will probably be on 8th June and yes, that means another XL size post!!

For now Bbye!

Do comment and I promise to keep my post short!

Keep Smiling (the post is over!)


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