Course to Campus: Day 3

Dont worry my earlier records are safe, It’s not that long!

Finally We Did it! The work that shudn’t have taken more that a day, was completed by us in 3 days!! (and as a result u hav to suffer frm 3 posts)

No hiccups, no running, no incomplete work! One complete flawless day!!
(Except that my internet connection went to comma in the evening!)

June 10, 2009
My third visit to north campus. Number of people 5 (probably 4 was unlucky for us!): Me, Saurav, Thanda, Isha and Juna (legal name: Anuj Aggarwal)
I got up on time(the sun had risen frm west that day!) and we were on our route to north campus without any delay. As soon we got out frm metro station, we found Vodafone..err..rr.. Airtel Free Cab. We kept on praising Vodafone for their generousity to provide such a service, until we realized that its not Vodafone but Airtel! Anyways the cab dropped us to the Hansraj College, the farthest of them all.
At Hansraj, I, saurav and thanda bought, filled and submitted the form wthout any trouble. But Isha who was applying frm Judo sports quota learnt that Hansraj doesn’t has Judo. And in the meantime, general forms became out of stock! (1-2 hiccups are normal!)
We moved on to KMC( KiroriMal College), submitted its form. There Juna had to wait for sum1, so leaving him there, the rest of us came to Hindu.
After Hindu, we were running out of time. No prize for guessing wat we did then: 2 grps of two! Sarauv and Thanda submitted Ramjas’ form and me and Isha took rikshaw to SRCC
That day luck was on our side(remember sun rising frm west!). Had I been late by even 30seconds, the counter wud hav been closed!
Meanwhile, Thanda, Saurav and Juna also converged at SRCC and after having somthing to drink, we headed back to Metro
(“Thats it?? Day 3 over so easily??”)
Yes DAY 3 over (sun rising frm west!) and so does my first stint(ie submission of forms) with North Campus. For now, I will have to wait for first cut off (ie 25th june), to again give some pleasure to my eyes (lolz)
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