The Eclipse is over!

After few days eclipse, I am back with regular blogging.

I have loads of stuff to talk about, (but dont worry I wont torchure you much) beginning with, of course, my college

Being a Khalsa-ite: Day 0

I along with my friend Raunak ( who lives in my society, was in my class in school and now is also with me in college) began the new chapter of my life: Being a Khlsa-ite. It was the Orientation Day ie the ‘Day Zero’ of college. The level of excitement was quite high, so was nervousness (but thats natural). We listened to the mind-munbing speeches and punjabi religious songs sitting in the balcony of audi whose AC they forgot to switch on :-x(grr..).But the excitement came outside the audi, where college’s dramatic society- ANKUR presented a 20mins street play on Ragging. Whether that play was agaisnt or for ragging is still not clear in my mind, but it was real fun- the songs (“suit pehne aaya hai fresher, kal tak tha jo nanga”..lolz), the ‘ragging da..ragging da’ chant, the whole play was splendurful. After that me and Raunak noted down our class sections and guess what, We were again in the same section!!!
Day 0 ends without getting any taste of college!

Being a Khalsa-ite: Day 1 (The D-Day)

Fully dressed up, hairs gelled and excitement tearing the sky, I entered the college. My class was in room no.101. I, in fact almost everone in the class, was feeling like a just-born baby-totally unaware about surroundings! None of the teachers were coming to the class and none of us had any clue about it. The first day show was turning out to be a big-let down. Then comes the seniors! Ragging!! Wow!! The excitement came back, but due to so much restrictions, even seniors were scared to rag us. I volunteered myself to get ragged (coz I really wanted some excitement on Day1). Seniors asked me to dance but I asked them to be innovative and rag me properly. Then they asked me to read news in pure hindi. I did it. It was fun. Some others were asked to do ramp walk, sing, dance, propose, but all in good spirit and all of us enjoyed it- the true and healthy form of ragging!! But after they went away, it was again boredom. All classmates were hesitating to open-up and no teachers were showing their sitting. Sitting idle, Day1 took away all the glitters, hopes and enthusiasm of college life and gave the real taste of college life which was surely not as sweet as expected. I was really missing my school days!!

CA v/s College

I dont want to go deep in this topic coz this confusion between CA and college has already eaten up 27grams of my 30grams brain. This confusion was the chief reason of my break from blogging. Its not that the confusion is now solved, but posponed and interim decision taken-For I year, I will go to college, attend the coaching classes and then will give exam for CA and college in April-May2010. After I year I will shift to correspondence and will continue my CA This means that chapter: Being A Khalsaite might just last for a year only:-( (Gain Something, Lose the Other thing!- thatz the life)

CA-CPT Result

Finally, something to cheer about for me. I got 81% (162 out of 200) in my CPT exam. This is totally unbelievable. I was never so serious about CPT exam and didnt study properly and still so much marks!! Unbelievable!!!

Being a Khalsa-ite:Continued

Slowly, I am getting used to Khalsa, with new friends. Among the older lot, I do have Raunak, Isha and Tanvi in the campus. The future might just be wonderful @ campus, hopefully.

August 15: Independence Lost

15th August is my last date of Independence. From 16th, my CA coaching classes will being. This means wake up at 6.30, leave for college at 7.30, come back at around 2-3, CA caoching at 4(on tts) and 6.30(on mwf), coming back to home at 9!! (phew.. God save me!!! Iss padhai se mujhe bachao!!!!!)

I wish I had join gym

Today, after a lot of persuation from Saurav and leaving my laziness and unwillingness behind, I went to ICAI Bhawan at Vishwas Nagar(Shahadra) to get myself registered for CA-IPCC. We got our form attested from a person standing outside ICAI Bhawan. Then submitted the form. But the problem came, when they gave us the study material- Arounds 10 ‘heavy-weight’ books that I needed to carry right from ICAI Bhawan to my home. That was the first time in my life when I repended for not having ‘big’ muscles. I shud have listened to Anuj and joined the gym. But somehow I managed to bring them safely to my home. (Moral of the story: No pain! No gain!)

Now I need to take a rest, having college tomorrow!!


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