Sachin Tendulkar: Top 50 Quotes that Describe Him

I long thought about what to write about him, but only to realize that I should better stop blogging. But on the other hand, how can I have no post on him. So what I am going to do is to present you a compilation of 50 best quotes on Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar:

The God
The God

1-Shane Warne
“I’ll be going to bed having nightmares of Sachin just running down the wicket and belting me back over the head for six. He was unstoppable. I don’t think anyone, apart from Don Bradman, is in the same class as Sachin Tendulkar. He is just an amazing player.”

2- A True fan of Sachin carried this Banner in a match
“Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting. They will go unnoticed because even the Lord is busy watching him batting!!!.”

3-Adam Hollioke
“In an over I can bowl six different balls. But then Sachin looks at me with a sort of gentle arrogance down the pitch as if to say ‘Can you bowl me another one?'”

4-Steve Waugh
“There is no shame being beaten by such a great player. We didn’t lose to Team India. We Lost to Sachin Tendulkar”
.After loosing the Coca Cola Cup to India

5-Dennis Lillee
“If I’ve to bowl to Sachin, I’ll bowl with my helmet on. He hits the ball so hard.”

6-Micheal Kasprowicz
“You have to decide for yourself whether you’re bowling well or not. He’s going to hit you for fours and sixes anyway?”

7-Brett Lee
“You might pitch a ball on the off stump and think you have bowled a good ball and he walks across and hits it for two behind midwicket. His bat looks so heavy but he just waves it around like it’s a toothpick? “

8-Brain Lara
“Everybody gets 15 minutes of fame. But if there’s one person I’ve admired over a 15-year of period, it’s definitely Sachin.”

9-Paul Strang
“What we (Zimbabwe) need is 10 Tendulkars.”

10-Wasim Akram
“sachin should appologize for the way he has played”
After Sachin’s 98 in WC2003

11-Sir Donald Bradman
“I saw him playing on television and was struck by his technique, so I asked my wife to come look at him. Now I never saw myself play, but I feel that this player is playing much the same as I used to play, and she looked at him on Television and said yes, there is a similarity between the two…his compactness, technique, stroke production… it all seemed to gel !”

12-BBC on Sachin
Beneath the helmet, under that unruly curly hair, inside the cranium, there is something we don’t know, something beyond scientific measure. Something that allows him to soar, to roam a territory of sport that, forget us, even those who are gifted enough to play alongside him cannot even fathom. When he goes out to bat, people switch on their TV sets and switch off their lives “

13-Methew HAYDON
“I have seen God. He bats at number 4 for India”

14-Viv Richards
He is 99.5 per cent perfect. I’d pay to see him.

15–Brian Lara
The only batsman i would love to see by paying for the tickets and sitting in the stand just to watch him is none other than Sachin Tendulkar

16-Wasim Akram
Today, he showed the world why he is considered the best batsman around. Some of the shots he played were simply amazing. Earlier, opposing teams used to feel that Sachin’s dismissal meant they could win the game. Today, I feel that the Indian players, too, feel this way.

after game at Hobart, CUB series, 1999

17Ian Chappell
Whenever I see Sachin play I am reminded of the Graeme Pollock quote of Cricket being a ‘see the ball, hit the ball game.’ He hits the ball as if it’s there to be hit.

18-Navjot Sidhu:
“His mind is like a computer. He stores data on bowlers and knows where they are going to pitch the ball.”

19-Mark Taylor
“We did not lose to a team called India…we lost to a man called Sachin”
during the test match in Chennai (1997)

20-Rahul Dravid
Playing in the same team as Sachin is a huge honour. His balance of mind, shrewd judgement, modesty and, above all, his technical brilliance make him my all-time hero… You can’t get a more complete cricketer than Sachin. He has everything that a cricketer needs to have.

21-Imran Khan
He was, is and will remain a jewel in India’s batting crown for the next foreseeable future

22-Andy Flower
There are 2 kind of batsmen in the world. One Sachin Tendulkar. Two all the others.

23-Amitabh Bachhan
“Sachin (Tendulkar) is the heartbeat of our nation. The country breathes every time he goes out to play and when he is out, the country stops breathing.”

24-Harsha Bhogle
There’s no better sight on the cricket field than watch Tendulkar bat

25-Australian Media
“The most exciting batsman of his time because he finds the right balance between reason and passion, technique and power, nerves and placement and judgement that applies to all tastes.”

26-TIME Magzine
“Tendulkar waits for the bowler’s delivery like a martial arts black belt ready to parry an opponent—moving quickly into position, flashing his bat to guide the ball where he will.

27-Wasim Akram
“Cricketers like Sachin come once in a lifetime and I am privileged he played in my time.”

28-Peter Rebouck – aussie journalist
On a train from Shimla to Delhi, there was a halt in one of the stations. The train stopped by for few minutes as usual.
Sachin was nearing century, batting on 98. The passengers, railway officials, everyone on the train waited for Sachin to complete the century.
This Genius can stop time in India!!

29- Bermuda’s Captain
Our greatest bowler is levercock,but if tendulkar gives him a catch he will surely drop it to watch him bat

30-Mark Taylor

Look into his eves when he comes down to bat – He looks like a tiget on prowl, hunger for runs.

31-A banner once said:

32-Brian lara
“please dont compare me wid sachin!he is GOD!i am a mere mortal!”

33-Harsha Bhogle
after australia posed 359 on the board in the world cup 2003..each member in the team was so tensed…sachin came up to them…an he was like..

” jus hit one 4 in an over…that means 50 fours in an innings=200 runs….listen boys..we jus have to make 159 runs in 240 balls in tha case…lets go hit the target”

34-Murli Karthik
Only god can bat better than him

35-Sunil Gavaskar
I would back him to become the first man to score a hundred international hundreds – that’s 50 in Tests and 50 in one-dayers. Bowlers of the world beware.”

“When we think of cricket, Sachin comes to our mind even before the bat and ball”

37-Richard Boock (Journalist)

“How do you explain cricket to Americans?” – Answer is, obviously, “one off-drive from the Little Master Tendulkar ….”

“Performance is one thing, performing back to back is something else. People may call him [Tendulkar] a sitting elephant, but he’s the best. He never said a word, and wanted to let his bat do the talking.”

I am really Lucky that I have to bowl him only at net

“It was a predictable, if slightly delayed, ascent. Sachin Tendulkar stands atop cricket’s Everest but he isn’t looking down at the cricketing World. That would be unlike him for he looks upon this game as a vehicle of fulfillment, as a servant rather than a master.”
on breaking Lara’s record

41-Imran Khan
“Pakistanis can be as optimistic to hope that Sachin gets a hundred and they win the match.”
42-Sunil Gavaskar
(on Sachin’s 50 test centuries)
“Well, it’s such a record that you can only compare it with Bob Beamon’s long-jump world record set in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico. At that time it seemed that it would never be broken. Tendulkar’s 50 Test centuries is one such records which doesn’t look like being surpassed”
43-Sachin’s wife Anjali Tendulkar
“He (Sachin) still gets tense before every match after so many years, he won’t eat properly, and gets up early in the morning on the day of the match. I think he performs best that way.”
44-Daniel Vettori
He has been in form longer than some of our guys have been alive
45-MS Dhoni
There is a good chance that I might retire before Tendulkar.

46- Tendulkar himself“I think you are at the wrong press conference.” (Sachin Tendulkar answers a query about his retirement plans)47- Ganguly

“To me he will not just be remembered as a great player and a lovely human being, but as somebody who tried to learn Bengali for the last 14 years but never managed to do so!”

48-Tendulkar’s daughter, Sara
“Even my father’s name is Sachin Tendulkar.”

A quote by the Master himself!!

People throw stones at you and you convert them into milestones.

50-Putting down in one line:

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