Year 2009 for me!

31 December 2009


I was having New Year party on my terrace with friends. My friends decided to go out somewhere and celebrate New Year there. One of them arranged his brother’s car. But I couldn’t go with them. I felt disappointed because I wanted to  enter 2010 with my friends. They left and I was left at my home.

I was feeling sad :(, wondering that this has been the story of whole 2009- Not getting what I intended. At 11:55PM, my friend called. His brother had refused to give them car and they were all at the society’s gate. I rushed and at 12:00AM, I was on roads, with my friends. At that moment I realized, what actually has been the year 2009 for me-

Not getting what I wanted, but neither getting what I didn’t want!

I wanted my friends partying till 12:00AM. But they left early. I didn’t want to start New Year without my friends, and I was with my friends, not partying but on roads!

When the year 2009 began, only thing I had, was 12th Boards,  in my mind. I studied, missed my cousin’s marriage in Hyderabad, didn’t watch any movie and neither celebrated holi.

There was school farewell. The nightmare of school life ending was becoming a reality. Hearts were heavy, but there were smiles on faces.

On 21st March, everything ended. Board exams, school life and the most beautiful phase of life were over. I had to think ahead.

I intended the few months ahead would be full of joy. It was but not as much as I expected. My science friends and also, the commerce one got busy with entrance preparation. I too, within a week of last exam, submitted my form for CA entrance (ie CPT).

During the post exam days, I learnt swimming. I read few novels. To improve my communication skills, I joined British Council. 30 hours of fun compelled with skill development at BC was the best teaching experience I ever had. (see here) And it was these classes, which indirectly inspired me to have my blog. (now you know who to blame for this blog!!)

In may, came the board results. I craved an above 95 score, but on pessimistic approach, didn’t want to go below my class 10th score of 93%. I got 93.2%. I was satisfied but not glad.

The result followed the rush to DU campus for admissions (see here). I dreamed for SRCC and to the least, any other north campus college. The college cut offs arrived and I managed Campus just at point with SGTB Khalsa. I wasn’t satisfied with college but still, at least, I was  in Campus.

Meanwhile, I gave my CA-CPT exam and cleared it unexpectedly with 82%

From July 15, the college began and soon I realized that my expectations from college life was very high and it’s not as colorful as shown. But after few hiccups, I managed a decent friend circle (see here)

I turned 18 on 17th August and soon I realized the importance of being an adult. With CA Coaching classes in evening, my life became really hectic. I realized that now life is not only about fun, but hard work too. (see here)

Next few months were tough. Despite the busyness, I was enjoying this new college-CA life. Roaming in campus, reaching late for lectures, hanging out with friends,  long talks on cell, jokes of our CA teacher M.K. Jain, all these were keeping me going.

Then arrived December and the ITT: 100 hours of compulsory IT Training for CA student. With teachers not teaching you anything, making you sit idle everyday for 3 hours, it was such a mental torture. And I couldn’t take it and fell ill. The physical and mental weaknesses made me fall in the washroom. The scene of mom and dad holding me on the floors of washroom, still give me jitters. Because of this bullshit ITT, I was on bed. It took me more than a week to recover fully.

December was also the month of college fests and the very fact that ITT was forcing me to give them a skip, made me further frustrated. But I took the risk and missed few of my ITT classes for the fests and the risk paid. The fests, especially Kailash Kher one at SRCC, were rocking.

With tax classes also commencing, the last week on December saw me jumping from one place to another: Tax class in morning, ITT in afternoon and costing class in evening, and then I was supposed to study for my college internals (beginning from 8th Jan). Surprisingly I still squeezed time for hanging out at C.P. on Christmas, watching Avatar and 3 idiots,   and for the New Year Party which ended on the roads.

I can’t say if 2009 was good or bad for me. But I can say that the life was much better  a year ago. But the change (from school to college life) was inevitable. I could have surrendered myself or my happiness to circumstances, but I am still going and more importantly, having fun. I have grown as a human being.

The year 2010 posses greater challenges which I will have to meet strongly and with success. The first 15-20 days have actually been quite good. My ITT ended, without much problem for holidays taken; college exams went off in fun and now the OC(Orientation Course) is also going good.

With hopes that our tomorrow is better that our today, I submit my first post on WordPress.

Thank You.

Kindly rate and comment.


Author: sarthakg

A terrible dancer, an abrasive singer and a Chartered Accountant, Sarthak Goyal has been penning his mind through the blog ‘Something. Nothing. Everything’ since 2009. In whatever little time he gets away from sleep, he works for his venture,

6 thoughts on “Year 2009 for me!”

    1. i would hav, but it wont work coz there is no actress in the story!! Hopefully in 2010, there will be atleast one ;)


    Manan Agrawal Hey dude really well written and composed:-):-)………
    January 24 at 9:14pm ·

    Sarthak Goyal thnx a lot yaar…
    January 24 at 11:54pm ·

    Prassan Goyal chalo kisi ne to padha!!!
    January 25 at 8:59am ·

    Deepesh Gupta dude. nice start. keep rockin!!
    January 25 at 10:46am ·

    Tarun Narang hey very well written bro…………………. waise likha kya hai?
    January 25 at 11:43am ·

    Sheetal Aggarwal very well written…gud…
    January 25 at 11:54am ·

    Sarthak Goyal wow… so many appreciators… thnx a lot 2 all
    January 26 at 12:11am ·

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