One day @ Examination Centre

My friend Mohit narrated this incident on the condition that I should write a blog on this. So here I am accomplishing my promise.

What will you do if the only way to pass an exam is to cheat? And what if you are caught cheating? If every teacher wants that students should score high in exams, then why don’t they allow cheating?

Raising such and other critical issues of a student life, based on the real life incident of my friend Mohit Aggarwal, is this blog.

Freshly out from the peaceful and study-oriented school life into the chaotic and fun-filled college life, is Mohit Aggarwal. The time he entered the college, he faced lots of challenge. He was burdened with the responsibility of a car which he had to drive daily between college and home. Unfortunately, he also got a large bunch of friends. With car and friends, “bunk” was inevitable. On top of this, the demons(read: teachers) didn’t allow him to study in classes and he was often thrown out of the class. Mohit faltered to these troubles and his attendance went as low as 20%. But he continued his fight.

In such a non-conducive environment for studies, clearing the semester exams was next to impossible. But Mohit was a dedicated and hardworking student. Inspired by his friend Akhil, he decided to opt for “helping notes” (generally referred as ‘farre’). The cruel college never wanted its students to score high and thus, helping notes were not allowed. Still, Mohit was focussed to score high marks.

On the D-day, Mohit’s pocket were filled with helping notes. But the eyes of examiner were not allowing him to use them. Though Mohit was getting passing marks, he was determined to top the class. So, he opted for washroom to read the helping notes.

A security guard entered the washroom. A student is so serious about his career that he is studying even in washroom and the guard thought Mohit was cheating! Wat a shame!

Mohit then showed his kindness, and offered all the money in his wallet to the poor guard (In short, bribed him!). But guard was cold-blooded and he refused. He asked Mohit to move out of washroom, while Mohit wanted to continue his study.

Guard tried to push Mohit and Mohit’s hand banged the granite separator (between two washroom sinks). The granite came crashing out on the floors, creating a loud THUD!! The noise reached the demons house (staffroom) and soon the washroom was filled with them, including HoD (Head of Demons).

HoD listen to the story and was so impressed with Mohit’s dedication that he made him write everything (helping notes, lending money, fall of granite) on a piece of paper and also took his autograph on that paper (*confession letter*). He also called Mohit’s parents to felicitate them for their son’s bravery.

Mohit was sent back home without the need of completing the exam.

At home Mohit was too modest to tell about his achievements to anyone. Neither he wanted to waste his parents time for his college work. So he made arrangements for a mother from outside.

In the next exam, as usual, Mohit was engaged in his books and thus, forgot to carry his admission card. Mohit lended his car’s key to his friend, Akhil and asked him to bring the admission card. Meanwhile he thought about meeting the HoD to thank him for that day. But unluckily (luckily!), HoD had gone for15 days holiday. This meant no felicitations for parents and no fake mother! (Poor Mohit!)

Mohit was again busy in studies, he received a call from Akhil, “Mohit your car has met an accident!”

His friend Akhil, just like him, was occupied in books while driving and didn’t see the bus and the front part of car into it.

On one side was the car, on other side exam. Should he take care of his car and skip the exam?

One person and so many responsibilities!! But at that moment, Mohit showed his real mettle. He gave a damn to his car because for him nothing is more important than studies. He again signed the autograph for not bringing admit card and gave his exam- this time without any helping notes!

As the exam ended, he rushed to his car. Showing the true color of friendship, instead of blaming Akhil, he told his father that it was all fault of the bus driver.

The car damages costed Rs.65000. In the same week, Mohit also broke his bluetooth and lost his credit card. But for him, the real damage were that 2 minutes that he wasted deciding between the car and the exam. He could have read a page in those 2 minutes!!

Today, a month has passed to this tragic incident. The insurance company has compensated the car damages. Mohit got 7 marks in first exam and managed to clear the second one. The HoD never called him again (how thankless!). On top of all, his parents still have no clue about their child’s achievements (how proud they will be on knowing all this!!).

Even after so many troubles (caught cheating, false attempt to bribe, breaking granite wall, fake mother and the car accident),  like most Indian movies, in the end AAL IZZ WELL prevailed! :)

I am proud to have such a dedicated and studious friend like Mohit. :P

With the hope that every student will take inspiration from Mohit and devote their entire life to studies, I submit my post.


P.S.: If you are Mohit’s sister, don’t believe on anything I have written.


Author: sarthakg

A terrible dancer, an abrasive singer and a Chartered Accountant, Sarthak Goyal has been penning his mind through the blog ‘Something. Nothing. Everything’ since 2009. In whatever little time he gets away from sleep, he works for his venture,

12 thoughts on “One day @ Examination Centre”

  1. Certain small CORRECTIONS in the story:

    1) It wasn’t Akhil, but Mohit’s jiju who inspired him for using ‘helping notes’. Akhil only helped him to get them.

    2)Again it wasn’t Akhil, but their some other friend who crashed the car in the bus. Akhil was only accompanying him.

    Sorry Akhil, but you can’t claim credit for things which you haven’t done!!

  2. COMMENTS ON FB (on my profile)

    Gaurav Baldewa
    hahaha lmao :P
    February 2 at 7:17pm ·

    Atul Bhutani
    hmmm and this proves he has done his schooling frm dav afteralll this kind of effort and hardwork can be done by a davian only
    proud to be ur frnd mohit hope u will keep this up in all semister all the best
    February 2 at 7:34pm ·

    Mohit Aggarwal
    yo thnx 4 keepin ur promise..!!!
    February 2 at 7:41pm ·

    Garima Goyal
    cool :)
    February 2 at 7:50pm ·

    Sonal Somani
    wow…dat was xciting…must say…GREAT JOB MOHIT…!!
    February 2 at 10:39pm ·

    Mohit Aggarwal
    thnx sonal
    February 2 at 11:08pm ·

    Manan Agrawal
    Damm good dude:-):-) …..
    February 2 at 11:13pm ·

    Sarthak Goyal
    59 views within 5hrs of posting… wow!!
    thnk u all.. and plz apart frm commenting here, do comment on blog also… thnkz
    Wed at 11:04am ·

    Tarun Narang
    faadu yaar……………….. i would like to meet this mohit once
    Wed at 3:17pm ·

    Mohit Aggarwal
    yo bro anytime nd sarthk mujhe bhii thnx kr saale…..!!!
    Wed at 10:06pm ·

    Sarthak Goyal
    how can i forget u yaar.. m only the author, but u r the star of the blog…bol to diya thnx tujhe bhi… u r included in “all”..
    Yesterday at 6:32pm ·

    Shuchita Gupta
    mast hai sarthak yaar v well writtn a true story of a dedicated student…………….
    Yesterday at 7:17pm ·

    Sarthak Goyal
    More than 100 views….wow!!!
    Today at 5:04pm ·

    Nishtha Goswami
    fabulous work… we all can relate to it !!!
    Today at 9:35pm ·

  3. COMMENTS ON FB (on Mohit’s Profile)

    Nitish Khureja
    DUDE…HATSS OFFFF to ur courage…everything was way too gud..!! yea it is difficut to surivive..!! mere pass bhi meri ek bohot badi story he…lol..meri story..a true one
    February 2 at 7:59pm

    Mohit Aggarwal
    so tell that story yaar…
    February 2 at 8:00pm

    Nitish Khureja
    hahaha…nt really to be announced so publically dude..!!..kabhi milunga tab btaunga
    February 2 at 8:01pm

    Mohit Aggarwal
    February 2 at 8:02pm

    Shuchita Gupta
    mast mast bht mast hai yaaar……….
    a true story of a dedicated student……………
    =)) =)) =))
    February 2 at 8:17pm

    Mohit Aggarwal
    yup yaar m very much dedicated
    February 2 at 8:19pm

    Gaurav Baldewa
    mohit keep it up….country needs dedicated manpower like you
    February 2 at 8:21pm

    Shuchita Gupta
    yh mohit i knw…………
    February 2 at 8:23pm

    Mohit Aggarwal
    hmm hmm i knw yaar u also join me yaar…..
    February 2 at 8:26pm

    Gaurav Baldewa
    yea nytym
    February 2 at 8:27pm

    Roopam Kalra
    gud job !!
    February 2 at 8:31pm

    Mohit Aggarwal
    wt gud job maine kya ye sb jaan k kiya thaaa…..!!!!
    February 2 at 8:32pm

    Roopam Kalra
    gud job to sarthak..he wrote vry well!!!!
    February 2 at 8:33pm

    Mohit Aggarwal
    yup u r rite….
    i dnt want to say bt sartahk gud job yaar…..!!
    February 2 at 8:44pm

    Sarthak Goyal
    thnx roopam..
    and even i dnt want to say bt thnx 2 u too mohit!
    Keep showing such dedication and i promise i will write a blog 4 u everytime…
    Yesterday at 6:36pm ·

    Akhil Jain
    its wrong… lots of mistakes in the story..!! can i tell..??
    Today at 10:10am

    Sarthak Goyal
    it wasnt u but sum another frnd of urs who was driving the car… this is the only mistake, i suppose…
    Today at 4:27pm ·

    Anish Malhotra
    brave mohit………hehehehe
    Today at 10:46pm

    Akhil Jain
    No sarthak sum oder else also…!!
    about an hour ago

    Sarthak Goyal
    all other things r wat mohit told 2 me…
    ka galat btaya hai tune??????

    1. was just randomly going through this blog … the first line reminded me of FPS :) … the way you tell the story is good … keep it up !!

  4. yarr sarthak u r reallyyyyyyyyy a gr8 writer and mohit
    wat 2 say abt u?????????
    needless to say
    u know all
    T-ricky situations

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