OFFICE OFFICE: How to migrate from college to correspondence in DU?

Below I have given a brief description of the process of getting migrated from college to SOL in Delhi Universtiy, which is one of the finest example of how things work in an Indian government office!



So I have cleared my CA-IPCC exam and now I will have to undergo 3 years of article-ship under a CA. And as a result I can’t carry on my college [:'(] and is required to continue my B.Com (Honors) degree from correspondence ie School of Open Learning (SOL).
Below I have given a “brief” description of the process of getting migrated from college to SOL, which is one of the finest example of how things work in an Indian government office:-

1. If you want to get out, first get in:-

Once my first year result was declared and admission process began, I went to the administration block and asked them about leaving the college. I was told that in order to leave the college, first I will have to take admission in second year! So I filled the No Ragging Form > deposited my iCard > got the fee slip > paid the fees in bank and came back to the admin block. “Ok, now give me the college leaving certificate (CLC).”

2. The wait

But for CLC, you would first require to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from where you want to take the admission ie the SOL office. So I went there, which is luckily only about a kilometer away, and was asked to go to room no.10. There the sir informed me that you need to write an application and bring your original first year marksheet. “But sir, marksheet hasn’t yet arrived?” “Then come back when the marksheet arrives.”

15 days passed. In the meantime I got my article-ship but since I was still registered with college,  I could join it only when I get migrated to SOL. But there was no sign of marksheet. At the end, me and one of my friend, Prassan, decided to get a copy of marksheet from internet and try to get the NOC. But for the next 3 days, Delhi university’s site was out-of-order (and it still is out-of-order!) Frustrated, we decided to visit the SOL office and ask them if there is any other way.

3. Come, cuss and go

After travelling an hour in metro, me and Prassan reached the room number 10 and asked the ma’am about migration. “I don’t know. Ask the sir.” “Where is the sir?” “I don’t know. He hasn’t yet arrived” So we waited, cussing the DU administration. One hour. Two hour. Our blood pressure was going up. And before we would have killed someone, we decided to leave!

(if you have already started pitying me, then hold your condolences. This is just the beginning of my sufferings!)

The same day, which was friday, we got the news that marksheet has arrived. Yayyeee.. now we will get migration easily, or will we?
On Monday I confirmed the availability of marksheet at college and on Tuesday we were in the college, confident to get the NOC today. But a banner was waiting us- “No Dealing Today”. What luck! It was a strike! We also checked the SOL office as Prassan had already got his marksheet from his college a day earlier, but it was the same situation there- Strike!

4. Finally some progress

The next morning ie on Wednesday, Sept 8th, after so much of unnecessary wastage of time and efforts, we were confused if today we should go or not as it was a three-day strike. But luckily after several attempts Prassan got the phone connected and they informed that yes the office is open. Again, me and Prassan were travelling in the metro, praying to get the NOC.
First I went to my college office > displayed my fee slip > got my renewed iCard > went to another counter > displayed my iCard > got my marksheet. Finally the much awaited marksheet was in my hand. I was more excited at that moment then I was when I actually passed the exams.
I got the marksheet photocopied, wrote an application and presented them to the sir at room number 10. He stamped and signed the application and asked to take it to the ma’am. Ma’am signed the application and asked to take it to room number 4. We roamed and roamed and finally found the room which was of assistant registrar. And surprise! The room was empty. He was busy in a meeting.
I and Prassan decided to have something to eat but returned back halfway fearing that, in the meantime, assistant registrar will fly away. We came back and there was a person, probably his sidekick, in the room. He took our application and brought it signed by the assistant registrar. Finally, we had the NOC in our hand. It was like a battle won.

But the war wasn’t over. It was 12.20 and my college office closes at 12.30!

5. NOC No.2

So I rushed to my college and asked Prassan to purchase the admission form. At the college counter, “Sir, here is the NOC from SOL. Now can I withdraw my admission?” Their reply-“Where is the NOC of the Principal?”

So I wrote another application, this time for the principal. After waiting for around 15 mins, I was allowed to go inside principal’s cabin. So the principal asked that why do you want to leave the college. I explained him the reason that I am doing CA and my CA article ship and college timings would clash. I was sure that he won’t be having any problem in signing the application. But there was the bouncer- What’s the proof that you are doing CA?

(C’mon why else would I leave the regular college and go to SOL. I guess I should have said that I hate your bloody damn college, that’s why I want to migrate! Would he had asked the proof in that case also??)

Having no other, I came back home!

The next day- The trip No.5. This time alone without Prassan. At around 10.30 I reached the principal’s office along with my CA exam mark sheet as proof. He was in a meeting. An hour’s wait and finally I was in. I wanted to throw that marksheet on his face, but then for the respect of marksheet, I controlled myself.

This time with NOC from SOL as well as Principal, I was at the college office. They gave me, no! not the college leaving certificate(CLC), but the clearance form which I have to get it signed from the concerned persons.

6. The signatures

These concerned persons were- Librarian, Fee Assistant, Admission Assistant, Physical Education coach and the NCC officer (phew!). First I went to the librarian, she signed it. Next I searched for the physical education teacher and after two rounds of the college, I gave up. Third was the admission assistant. I went to the admission office and what a luck! He was absent today! Miffed, I came back home.

The next day, on Friday I got ready for my trip number 6. But then I called my friend, Raunak in the college to confirm if the admission assistant is present today. My 6th trip got postponed, he was absent!

(Meanwhile, Prassan has already got his CLC. His college cares for his student, even if they are leaving it.)

7. Lost!

(When I started writing it, I never thought it would go that long but credit to Delhi University!)

I was loosing myself as articleship was getting delayed because of utter nuisance of my college and SOL. Monday was my 6th trip. I didn’t care to confirm if the admission asst was present today, because I have to get the migration done anyhow! I can’t wait for him more.

At college, I met my friend Vinayak who was in the same boat- trying to migrate from the college. He informed me that Clearance Form is not required for CLC, but for security refund. (Wow! This means I can apply for CLC at the very moment.) So along with SOL and Principal’s NOC, I submitted the application for CLC. But then they asked me to also attach the copy of fee receipt.

Copy of fee receipt? Ohk! I can get it photocopied in 5 mins. No problems! But wait a sec! Where is my fee receipt? I frantically searched my folder, my wallet, called Prassan to check with him, called my mom to check in my almiraah. ta-da! I have lost my Fee Receipt!! (When others can delay my work, then why can’t I myself contribute to the delay?)

So I am back at fee office.I wrote another application for lost fee slip (during my whole life before, I haven’t had written so many applications!) While I was telling him that I had deposited the fee around 19th-20th August – don’t know why- he was busy checking the records from 5th-14th August. Obviously, he didn’t find anything! And asked me to come back after 2-3days. But then I persuaded and he asked me come back after lunch.

8. I hate this part the most!

So I had 2 hours in my hands. Vinayak and I thought to meanwhile get the clearance signed by physical education teacher and NCC officer, but couldn’t find either of them. It started pouring from sky. The rain along with the greenery and the whole atmosphere of campus is something I am gonna miss the most about the college! :( There is something special in the air of campus and rain just multiplies this specialty!

2 hours later, I was back at fee counter. Fee assistant began searching the records. But even after so much try, he could find all the records except of the week in which I  deposited the fees! But luckily, he pitied my situation and provided me a new fee slip. I photocopied it and along with the two NOCs, went to the fee assistant to whom I have to apply for CLC.

“Office dealing timings are already over! Would you come anytime you want! I am not accepting it. I have so many other works to do. Come back tomorrow.” First he was absent for 2 days and now he wants to come back tomorrow again!! I was SO FURIOUS!! But then sucking the air between my teeth, I pleaded him (and I hate this pleading part the most!). But I am sure my thoughts were louder than my words and he loved his nose!! So he took my application but.. but.. but

“Get the signatures of fee assistant and the librarian.” I had them on the Clearance Form. “No, but on the NOC received from principal!”

9. Finally!

Till that time, I was clear that I am the most lucky person on the Earth. So when I went to the librarian and found that computers were not working there, I was not surprised or angry. I had to wait for the light to come, so that librarian can check on computer if I have any dues and then sign on the NOC. But after waiting for half an hour, she signed the NOC on the basis of her signatures on clearance form.

Fee assistant also signed it and the admission assistant, finally accepted my application for CLC.

Though I was told that I can collect the CLC next morning only. But I waited for a day and on Wednesday, I had CLC in my hands! But the war wasn’t over. Now I have to take admission in SOL also.

10. Blunder.

So after collecting the CLC, I went to the SOL office. Prassan was with me and we also met Vinayak there. We already had our Demand Drafts prepared (including Rs.100 as the late fees, only because university delayed our marksheet!). After filling up the admission form, we went to Window No.10 and submitted the form, all the documents including CLC and the DD. But he returned it back. We didn’t read that DD was required to be prepared from State Bank of India only! (While Vinayak had it prepared from SBI only, he was sent back because he didn’t have Class 12th passing certificate.)

So we were going to the chief cashier to get the DD signed so that it can be accepted. At that time Prassan commented, “Hey! We both have the same Form Number!” And at that time we realized the blunder. Form comes in a combination- one for admission and other for iCard. So while my admission form number was 15 and his was 16, we had interchanged the iCard forms! (Wow! When things go wrong, they all go wrong together!)

So we bought new forms and filled them. This time without any mistake. The chief cashier also signed at the back of our DD and we were again back at window no.10

11.SOL > College > SOL > College > SOL

While Prassan’s form was accepted, mine was not! (Why everything was supposed to happen with me? Why? why? WHY!) My CLC didn’t have University Enrollment Number mentioned on it .(After so much of efforts they gave me CLC and that too incomplete!) I was asked to get the number from the college.

I went to admission office of my college, but the admission assistant said that college hasn’t received them and will get them in October. Obviously, I couldn’t wait till October. I went back to the SOL Window No.10. It was lunch, so I waited for an hour.

After lunch, “Your college is stupid!” He informed me that every college themselves allot this number and wrote a note and asked me to present it to a teacher in my college. Back to college, I presented the note to that teacher. He dialed a number and asked me to go to admission office. At admission office, they explained me the whole process of how enrollment number is allocated and how they don’t have it.

I don’t know a shit about this enrollment number. I had no idea, who was right and who was wrong. Neither did I care. All I wanted was give me the admission in SOL so that I can join my articleship!

Again at Window No.10. He was not impressed with the explanation but then he accepted my form (though I had to pay Rs.200 extra in the absence of enrollment number) and asked me to submit the enrollment number as soon as I get it.

Epilogue- It’s all over, Almost!

So finally my migration process is over! My forms are accepted. But is it actually completely over?

I haven’t yet submitted my clearance form to get back my security amount. The fee is yet to be refunded. I still have to collect my university enrollment number and submit it to SOL. I haven’t yet received my books as the stock was over. And I still have to collect my iCard.

But what matters  is that I have received the admission receipt from SOL which I can present to begin my articleship! :)

Thanks if you have actually dared to read it full! You can imagine, it’s so difficult to read, how I would have actually faced it!


Author: sarthakg

A terrible dancer, an abrasive singer and a Chartered Accountant, Sarthak Goyal has been penning his mind through the blog ‘Something. Nothing. Everything’ since 2009. In whatever little time he gets away from sleep, he works for his venture,

58 thoughts on “OFFICE OFFICE: How to migrate from college to correspondence in DU?”

  1. Well i can understand your State of mind…especially when you are coming from Rohini..but Khalsa College really everything..from Crowd to its Administration,Faculty,Hospital like Corridors..and it’s fees is the HIGHEST in whole Delhi University..For wt?i don’t know..but really ONE POSITIVE..atleast i had lesser obstacles in getting through my admission… Best Of Luck for ARTICLESHIP!!

    1. @Vinayak
      I know its fees is really high and the administration is really bad, but Khalsa is not that bad. I enjoyed my 1year at college and would have loved to continue it for next 2years. But anyways now we both are out of it.
      And thanks for the wishes bro!
      (btw right now I am in my office only :P)

  2. CONDOLENCE…..!!!

    no doubt u r a person with great intellect…m very compassionate to u…i can express my love and commiseration over the whole idea of migration…read ur blog twice…though it was not dat interstng but stil i managed to read it twice for the sacred bond of frndshp…
    well after reading it i can actually say that u r a true n courageous guy…text was pretty insipring n motivational…written in simple n lucid language…respect for marksheet n yea ofcrs for princpl was shown…impressive actly…epilogue was pretty gud…but some changes gud b done to make it more crispy…hheheh…
    gud work dude…keep it up….!!
    much love….!!! :)

    1. thanks for the condolences.
      I really can’t believe u read the whole blog post and that too twice!
      Thanks for your appreciation. It infact is pretty inspiring n motivational for me. Thnx :)

      and btw i do have an option for guest bloggers, what say?

  3. hey…yea i read the whole blog post twice…it was gud…
    i felt elated after reading abput the guest bloggers…yea i wud love to write here… :) :)

  4. i dnt noe hw u did it…nw i hv 2 do d same n m confused, my colej is in dhaulakuan n SOL’s in north campus, i hv an noc from SOL(dey gave me one widout d marksheet!!!) n m goin 2 my clg on wednesday(24 aug) to submit my fees n evrythin u wrote, although 2 gud, i ddnt undrstnd it(dnt take dis as ur fault, d whole damn proces is so damn lengthy n confusing, i got cracked halfway) so pls tel me wt i need to do nw….plssss

    1. first of all, congrats for cmplting the half of the journey and all the best for the nxt half.

      See, once u hav got the NOC from SOL, u will hav 2 take the admission in ur colg and then apply for College Leaving Certificate, cancellation of admission and refund of fees. Being the internal matter, this process varies from college to college. If ur admin staff is cooperative, then u wont face much of the problem (vch was not the case in my case). Once u hav got the CLC, submit the prospectus along with other documents (vch may also include ur colg marksheet) and the DD (vch has to be of SBI only) at window no. 10 of SOL office. And thats it! u r done!

      Btw once u get the original marksheet, dont forget 2 take an attested photocopy from the college also. U will be requirng it later on when filling the xamination form. And yes, also take ur university enrollment number from the colg. U will hav 2 fill it up in the xamination form.

      for any query, u can always contact me.

  5. Hey buddy
    I’m sailing in the same boat. I’m gonna start this battle tomorrow.
    Well, this piece helped me a lot be mentally prepared for the pain i’ve to go in the next few days, but yes, we the budding CAs can take on anything and everything.

    I wanted to ask, can I apply for NOC from SOL on the basis of online marksheet that simply shows our total marks, unlike the detailed mark sheet showing detailed marks in individual subjects.

    Contact me earliest.

    Paras – ************

  6. awesome hai yaar….even i had to face reeeely tough situations just while takin admission in s.o.l in d first year…those people nearly refused 2 accept my forms coz dey said dat if ur marks are so good y dont u go to college…i had 2 frikkin xplain dem dat m doin ca…tab b unhone history ki jagah hindi chep di meko…. :(
    neways awesome effort tha..mujhe last year k din yaad aa gae ven i ws takin admission in s.o.l u were lucky 2 go to d north campus..i took admission in d south campus dey completely suck mann

  7. Dude, you’ll be astonished to know that I got NOC from SOL in less than 15 mins….and my college took less than half hour to complete almost everything (including Principal’s Signature)…..I’ll get my College Leaving Certificate tomorrow……Seems that the red tap procedures of DU are a thing of past…

  8. Can u tell me how i can migrate from sol to any regular colg in 2nd year? Though i hav nt got good marks.. i got 57.2%. N u can help telling me which colgs r good n wont consider dis bad % once they like my interview :p or any such thing .

    1. u toking about honours ryt??

      I doubt if any top grade college will accept a migration. The only possibility is if u r really good in any sports or other activity…

  9. you suffered miserable period but i am still suffring this. sol management is very bad. they talk to student very rudely.

  10. hey…i also want 2 migrate to sol….as clg iz nt at ol goin good??but itz semister system now so can i do so??????plzzzzzz help i m in a great confusion……….iz it a right decision?? n my marks are also nt dt good

    1. Whats ur alternative after leaving college? Cmon u simply can’t think of leaving college and sitting idle at home!
      A college degree still has some value, no matter what the college is, but a SOL degree is just a graduation degree, and nothing more than that.
      If u have any plans like I will be doing this thing after leaving college only then think about it.

      And yes, despite the semester system this migration would be possible but probably only after completing 2 sems ie after 1st year.

  11. Just read ur article… u really had patience… goodd…

    I am doing CA-ipcc and doing bcom from college alongside from bhagat singh…
    But now college and ipcc is very hectic.. My CA coaching is during my college tym and i cant manage it all…..

    So evn i want to migrate from regular to corrspondance…. Is it possible….
    And i performed vry bad in my 1st sem exam and I got ER[back] in eco paper…

    And I had gott 88% in 12th boards…
    So will they give me migration considering that I hve a back(er) in paper of sem 1….

    1. There is no condition or anything for migration to SOL. You can surely get migration, and can give eco exam along with your 2nd year examinations.
      But all this won’t be possible now as SOL conducts exam on yearly basis and their admissions would have been close in October only.

      Rest you must confirm from your college admin or visit SOL in North or South Campus!

  12. Thanks for ur reply sarthak…
    Right now I am in 1st yr 2nd semester and I will migrate to sol in nxt acadmic year that is 2013-2014.. My 1st year will get over in this may 13…

    I feel relaxed as u said that Back (ER) in my 1st yr eco wont makke any issue… otherwise I was expecting a year drop….

    Lets hope for the best…


  13. Hey I am doing Maths(Hons).Have just completed my first year,waiting for the results.
    I want to migrate to any college in North campus as I am in an off campus college.
    I am expecting 61% – 62% as an avg %.
    Can i get any college in North campus or Venki,JMC,Maitreyi in South campus?
    I asked the administration staff about the cut off of maths(hons) for migration.
    It’s 60% for almost all the colleges.
    I reaaallllyyy need migration to some other college.
    please help what should i do and what are my chances of migration?

    1. First of all, u will have to convince ur own college for migration. As per guidelines, u r allowed to take transfer, but some colleges do not allow it..
      Also admission in 2nd year mainly depends upon the availability of seats. Only few colleges are keen to take transfers as most are filled beyond their capacity in fst year only.

      Detail u can get through respective colleges only.
      Plan a visit to both the campuses and cover all the colleges u r interested in.

  14. Whole experience shared so well here. i too read ur entire blog. And seriously du i tell u.. the admission sucks in every college under du.
    Even the admission process is full of such frustrating obstacles. Gosh i cant ever forget my experiece in my college. Getting n number of clearances from variety of departments (even at the time of getting admission in new semester).
    Why ur post interests me is coz i ve faced the same problem but not to such extent coz i havent really applied for admission in sol as of now. I am an aspirant though. just completed first year from college and yet to give ipcc.

  15. I am an aspirant for IPCC-CA and the coachings that I’ll be taking for the same,clash with my college timings. I completed my first year this July. Now I am planning to transfer to SOL from my college. But is it possible to migrate to 2nd year at SOL directly ? or Do I need to repeat my first year all over again at SOL ? Totally confused,as there is no proper and clear information stated anywhere.

    1. Yes you can migrate from regular college to SOL. Take a NOC and College Leaving Certificate from your college. Go to SOL, take the form, fill it up and submit the necessary documents.
      You just have to complete some formalities, which are not that tough nowadays.
      Ask your college administration and visit SOL for details.

  16. hey i want to get admission in SOL from regular bt i have got back in eco in first sem……
    so still i can get admision????? plzz do reply

  17. i passed first year from regular college this year.. now i want to migrate to sol. yesterday i visited sol office north campus, they said that it is not possible to migrate from regular to correspondence as now there is semester system in regular college.. and annual mode in sol.. what shud i do now?? where shoud i go for help.??

    1. there must be some way of getting transfer… i mean its weird if they are not providing this option…

      if this is the case, then u can opt for some other university like ignou…

  18. I m doing ……i m currently in 3rd semester …..u want to convert in correspondance as i m dojng ca-ipcc also….plz help me……i got ER in I sem law….plz help me

  19. i am joining CA course and i wish to join regular college for the 1st year
    is it still possible to migrate into correspondence after 1 year in du????
    i am in great confusion please help!!

  20. heloo sir, i want to migrte from sol collage to regular collage in ownrs if it is possible rhan tell me how it is. I take admisson in 2014 (in this year).

    1. I wish I could have helped you Kishan. But I migrated 4 years back and things would have changed now as now there is semester system.
      ITs not easy migrating from SOL to regular as there has to be seats available first in college and then you will have to qualify the cut-off criteria.

      You will have to contact individual colleges for the same, i guess.

    1. Hi Udit

      I don’t think a back should be any issue for migration. However, its been a while since I have taken migration. So I am not sure about the current process. I guess, you will have to contact the admin block of SOL and your college. Cheers!

  21. first of all i want to congress to you that what you want you have got it. i m so happy for this but now i m in the second year and i want to migration to sol but i do not know about this?????????????????????????

  22. I am in sol 1st year right now. Can i migrate from sol to du regular college in 2nd year directly or would i have to repeat my 1st year in regular college? Please help. People from du/sol are not answering this questio at all.

    1. Hi Anushka

      I wish I could have guided you, but frankly, it’s been 3-4 years since I migrated to SOL and I don’t have idea regarding the current procedure.
      I will suggest you to contact the concerned college administration for clarification. They may not response on phone, so you might have to visit there. Else, you can ask any of your friend in regular college to help you out.

  23. hello sarthak yar I had done up to 2nd yr from dyal Singh college but now I want to take it correspondence so I will got the college degree or Sol degree

  24. I am first year student and studying bcom Honours from regular college in du. I want to migrate to sol next year because of CA IPCC. Is it possible to migrate to sol bcom Honours second year?
    P.S. – I had a bak in one subject in first semester.
    Please reply

    1. Hi Shrinkhla

      Yes, it is possible to migrate. I will suggest you to contact SOL office for details or contact you college administration.
      The back won’t be an issue. You can reappear for the same in SOL.

  25. I am a student of Ramanujan College & I am there in my 2nd sem. I also want to do the preparation of CA & IAS. And wherever I read about this , it always reply meh with all negative things that now it is just impossible to migrate from regular to sol. Is it still possible for me or I would have to get admission again from 1st year ?
    Please reply.THis blog is like a abode of hope. PLEASE!!

  26. I am from Ramanujan College. I also want to get to sol for same reason. But it is now said impossible to migrate to sol . Is it still possible or re-admission in sol will be there ?

  27. Hey i Pooja vij I had taken admission in SOL 2015 in Ba programme 1st year but now with some personal issue’s I’m taking admission in another university. They and given me only cancellation certificate. And not returning my original character and provisional certificate. So i want to known without having original certificate how can i take admission in another university..
    Any procedure ? Please help me..
    Thank you

  28. Hii….. I am kamal i am doing maths hons from shivaji collage in first year but suddenly due to some reason i will have to leave shivaji collage so i want to migrate maths hons from shivaji collage to sol du into BA history hons.. Please tell me can i do this ?? If yes then please tell me procedure that how should i do…….Thanks

  29. Rather than du colleges, their college staff is shit and useless, they will make you run here and there like a nomad even for the small piece of work. They do nothing except gossiping and drinking tea with biscuits , their staff office doesnt look like one. I really dont know what kind of attitude they have, like seriously they are good for nothing. Their only job is to sign the documents, living on our money and still showing attitude to us. Even i had too experienced this during my CA-IPC.

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