Nothing to Blog About

What better start can you have of a day than getting up in the morning, checking your mobile and coming to know that it’s a holiday today! So here I am celebrating this unexpected holiday and writing a blog.

But what should I write about? I have a pending blog on my newly started office life, should I complete it? Naah! I dont want to waste my holiday thinking about office. Then what?







It’s been night and still I can’t find anything to write about. So now I have decided to actually do what my blog’s title suggest- Mirroring: my mind and writing whatever comes to my mind. So here I go.






It’s diwali season all over– the biggest festival in India (I guess so!). The whole delhi is looking like a large fair. There are lightings everywhere. Roads, markets, malls are full of people. With dhanteras today (the auspicious occasion of buying new articles), shopping fever is at its peak. And talking about fever, sickness season is also at its peak. While Isha is suffering from chicken guniya, Thanda has got dengue a day before his birthday. I had planned to give thanda a surprize at 12 midnight, but now the plan stands cancel. I had also got a 48″*36″ banner printed specially for this surprize, but now I will have till tomorrow evening.

Apart from festival and illness, another fever is also on its way- Exam fever. Though this time I am immune to it, many of my friends would be giving their CA exams starting from next week. I can see the desperation of passing the exam in them, especially in Saurav and I seriously wish they do pass them. (Afterall, I also want someone to share joys and sorrows of office life :P)

Checking my mobile. With no free sms packs applicable on 4th and 5th, diwali messages have started pouring in. And like every year, the same old messages are being repeated! C’mon get some new messages yaar!

And here’s bhutani, showing me the pic of his new bike- Yamaha FZS. If anybody’s is interested, here is his new bike-

Bhutani New Bike


With Thanda’s treat being postponed, thanks to his dengue, I just hope bhutani makes up for it. Though he himself is having a birthday next week, so I guess he would club the two treats!

It’s been 9.15 and I am surprised, why mom hasn’t yet called me for dinner. But I guess, I have already put up my mind enough. For a change, instead of waiting for her to call, I should myself go downstairs for dinner.

And ya btw, how come I forgot to mention about Australia’s 9th wicket nightmare- Part II. After Laxman and Ishant at Mohali in test, today was the turn of Mathews and Malinga in ODI. From 107-8, they managed to chase down the target of 240. Though I didn’t catch the match, but cricinfo’s commentory always make up for it.

Mom’s finally calling. Need to go. Bbye.

Happy Diwali. Get Well Soon. All The Best. Wheres my party. Coming mom!!


Author: sarthakg

A terrible dancer, an abrasive singer and a Chartered Accountant, Sarthak Goyal has been penning his mind through the blog ‘Something. Nothing. Everything’ since 2009. In whatever little time he gets away from sleep, he works for his venture,

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