What is Cheating?

Just a random thought!

Yesternight, I was watching the TV show Emotional Atyaachar in which a person conducts a “loyalty test” on his/her partner through a sting operation. Though such shows are nothing more than crap and nor, I am here talking about of such shows. But watching it made me wonder, what is cheating?

A person who is committed to spend the entire life with you, can’t he/she spend a night with someone else? People say relationships are not all about sex, but then why is it given so much importance if your partner has it with someone apart from you? It doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t love you anymore. We may love to dine out for once, but does it imply that we don’t want home-made food anymore?(Just giving an example, I know these two things are not exactly comparable.)

People may talk about issues like morality, culture or societal order. But tell me what harm does it cause to anyone if two people are having some pleasurable moments?

One must understand that you don’t own anyone. Let him/her do whatever he/she wants. What should matter to you is how he/she behaves with YOU. In this matter, I really liked the concept of dual-love in the Twilight series. Bella, she loves both Edward and Jacob, and kisses Jacob. But for Edwards it wasn’t an act of cheating as he trusts that she loves him more than Jacob and would always be with him.

People may argue that their partner lied about spending time with someone else, but that’s because society has created such an issue about it and as a result you two are not open about discussing such things. It’s like we can’t share everything with our parents and sometimes lie to them, though we still love them.

I am not saying whatever all I am saying, one should agree to it. I do understand that everyone has different levels of expectation. And if you can’t let your partner freedom even for a night, though your partner still have it, fine! you two are probably not compatible with each other, just get separated. But don’t label him/her as cheater! It’s just that your thoughts didn’t match.

See, what I basically wants to say is cheating is not if your partner is having good times without you, it’s when he/she is not fulfilling his/her commitments. It’s when he/she is not loving you!

I hope you got my point.

The topic is open for discussion!

One more thing- Do Not Have Double Standards! If you don’t mind something for yourself, then you should also let your partner to have it.


(Wish I was a celebrity, so that tomorrow I would have had people protesting outside my home against my views, and as a result I could have got excuse for not going to office! Hate these Mondays!)



Author: sarthakg

A terrible dancer, an abrasive singer and a Chartered Accountant, Sarthak Goyal has been penning his mind through the blog ‘Something. Nothing. Everything’ since 2009. In whatever little time he gets away from sleep, he works for his venture, DTHConnect.com.

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