Exclusive News which you will find here only. Collected from our reliable inside sources!

1. Tees Maar Khan declared tax-free in Delhi

Christmas gift for Delhites. Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif starrer Tees Maar Khaa has been declared tax-free in the state of Delhi. Our sources have revealed that the announcement came after Delhi Chief minister Sheila Dikshit heard the song Sheela ki Jawani” from the same movie. She has also been reportedly seen dancing on this song. We do have the exclusive video in this regard, but keeping family audience in mind, we are not telecasting it.

2. Pamela Anderson charged for dis-proportionate assets.

In a rather shocking event, the CBI has filed a chargesheet against the the baywatch star, Pamela Anderson for having millions of dollars of assets. In a statement released exclusively to us,  CBI labelled Ms. Anderson’s assets as “disproportionate” and accused her for using “false means” to acquire them. A notice has also been issued asking Ms. Anderson to reveal all her assets publically.

3. A. Raja voted most liked politician in an sms poll

Finally, there is some good news for the former telecom minister Andimuthu Raja. In an sms poll conducted by us, he has been voted the most liked politician in the country among the mobile users. “Thank you Mr.Raja. Had you not distributed spectrum at such lower prices, we wouldn’t have got such cheap sms and call rates.” quoted one of the voters. Some experts are of the opinion that this spectrum policy has benefited over 67 crores mobile users in our country, more than any other policy in the past.

4. Rs.500 crores for Rajnikanth

He was the God of South India. And now he is the God of Punjab too. The Punjab government has decided to give Rs.500 crores to superstar Rajnikanth as a thank you token for diverting the focus of all sms jokes from sardars to him. This is not the first time that Punjab government has taken such a step. Earlier, the team of CID lead by ACP Pradyumann were also facilitated with Rs.100 crores.

That’s all for the news today. Thank you and have a nice day!



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