Freaking News-2

The ‘genuine’ news!

1. Betting starts over IPL

While the Indian Premier League next season is 5 months away, the bookies are already in action. And this time, they are not bidding over who would be the champion, but which franchises would actually be playing in it. On the condition of anonymity a bookie revealed that most stakes are being put over Team Kochi, whose in and out from IPL has been more dramatic than Shoib Akhthar’s inclusion and exclusion in Pak cricket team.

2. Rajasthan and Kings XI back in IPL

And as we were talking about IPL, here is a BREAKING NEWS! The Supreme Court, in a verdict has announced to include back Rajashtan Royals and Kings XI Punjab in IPL 4. The move came when both Shilpa Shetty and Priety Zinta threatened to start acting again if there teams were not restored.

3. Demand for M-Seal touches new record

With constant leaks of 2G spectrum tapes and documents of corruption in public, the demand for M-seal is breaking all records. Likes of Barkha Dutt and Ratan Tata are using it to save their reputation from being leaked out. But according to our sources, the major chunk of demand is coming from US Secret Services for fixing the leakage happening through wikiLeaks.

4. Animal Planet behind Strike in Parliament

This is the biggest revelation in the history of News!! The “real” reason behind 15 days strike in Parliament is now being unveiled. From our sources we have come to know, its the “animal planet channel”, in order to maintain its TRP has bribed our politicians for the strike. This has been done so that animal lovers stick to their chanel and do not move towards other animal centric channels like DD Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha where a bunch of dreadful animals runs the largest human democracy!

For now on, this is all we have for you. Thank you.

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