My life in Year 2010!

Few days ago, one of my friend asked me, how was year 2010 for you and my reply was, “For some mine was perhaps a dream year, but I am yet to figure out if it really is MY DREAM.”


So another year has passed. There were some good, better, best as well as sad moments. Some new friends were made, some were lost. From a college guy, I became an office-goer. From blogspot, I shifted my blog here at wordpress. The 2010 was the year which has given direction to the rest of life.

If I look back, I can clearly divide the year in four parts- The transition, The Exams, Wellapanti (nothingness) and the Articleship period.

The transition period:

The year 2009 had ended on a low note with me struggling to balance my life with on going ITT, CA coaching, college exams and my bad health. (see here: Year 2009 for me). I wasn’t able to figure out what I want! And then in January came the last blow-another torture- The Orientation Program.

But things changed unexpectedly. The 5-day Orientation was the turning point! For the first time, I realized what Chartered Accountancy is all about. Things began to clear out from then on. I realized that now I can’t be running towards everything, I need to manage myself. I had entered a phase of life where getting the priorities right is THE most important task.

And for the next 3 and 1/2 months, my priority was clearing CA-IPCC Exams!

The examinations Period:

It was probably in the mid of Feb that I came in full-groove for studies. Before that I had relied more on my intelligence to score well[:P], but this time I needed hardwork too! And this hardwork stuff was very untypical of me. How I spent  2-3months mostly with books still surprises me. (One single blog post during this period shows it all!) But I knew I can’t handle failures and the very thought of not being able to clear the exams, gave me jitters. Plus the hopes of other people that I will surely make it, on one hand was giving me courage, it was adding pressure also.

From 8th April onwards, in a span of 45 days, I had to clear 12 exams including the 4 deadly ones of CA-IPCC and the rest those of college. My focus was entirely on my priority- CA-IPCC and I knew I can (and I have to) clear the college exams by only studying a day before. And then came the 12TH MAY. This was my status on that day-

“Dont kno if i will clear or not, but past 1month has given me immense confidence.. Giving 11xams in a month, studying regularly till 3 at night, managing colg and ca together.. i did it all this! I deserve a pat on my back.. I am the most relieved person on the earth at this moment!!”

(FBook Status)

It was my last paper of IPCC, of Tax and I am telling you it went out so badly. I was just doing the exam, not knowing what I am doing. But that day, I wasn’t thinking (was trying by best not to think) of it. My entire focus was on- yes, its all over and I am still alive! The examinations had completely drained me out, but I knew “rest” was still 2 weeks ago. I was having my sister’s marriage on 28th May!

The Wellapanti phase:

Only a brother can understand how much labour he has to put in his sister’s marriage. :P Be it the card distribution, welcoming guest or running too and fro for various things; its just exhausting. (See: The Wedding, Wedding: The Card Distribution, The Wedding Continues 3)

“Had a realy tiring day.. Back and legs aching.. Had to act as a waiter, photographer, peon.. all in one..”

( FBook Status)

But the prize of it (ie freedom) keeps you going. ;) On serious note, di’s maariage celebrations were the apt dosage I needed after those 3 tiring (and testing) months.

After the marriage, came the June. It was for the first time in the year, when I was having nothing to do.

“again playing cricket, watching tv, surfing net, sending smses, talking on phone, sitting idle….again i am living life!!!”


God! how much I had missed all these things during first five months! Hanging out with friends, chatting with them on phone, facebooking, blogging, doing absolutely nothing the whole day, wow amazing! I was back to life!!

“spend some time at cumsome (inderlok), then went 2 McD (Chandani chowk) and had water there, then went 2 red fort but returned widout goin in, then came bak 2 cumsome 2 hav lunch, then went 2 NSP 2 hav ice cream and now finaly returns bak 2 home.. But this is nt the end.. The journey wil b continued at night..

returnd bak 2 home in evenin, then every1 assembled at my place, then in Mohit’s car went 2 Model Town 2 hav maggie, then went to Mohit’s home and ordered Pizza, then played cricket at 1AM, then at 5AM went 2 symmetry(near Dhaula Kuan) but didn’t find the place, then went 2 India Gate but lost our way in between, then came back to Mohit’s place and finally through metro reached back our homes!!”


Life was again seeming to be happy fair. All the tearing of hairs were seeming to be a thing of past. So much so I was enjoying this period, that even the thoughts of result were miles away.

Then I also had my first tryst with Mumbai in mid-July. Be it sitting at the Marine drive and glaring at the unending sea, or the lovely never ending rains of Mumbai or the panipuri, sevpuri, vadapao and paobhajji, it was all so amazing!

The Mumbai trip was over and I was still doing nothing. The second year of college had commenced (See also:No more a fuchaa!). Though I hadn’t decided of whether to continue with the college or not, but somehow I knew what was going to be my eventual decision. Those 2-3days of college that I attended, they were more like a small clipping of what I had to miss- the wellapanti, the maggie, the unplanned programs and the carefree life! But I knew these things can’t be my priorities.


4th August 2010!

My CA-IPCC result was out.

“Got 244/400 in CA-IPCE :)”


I had done it! It was an amazing feeling of achieving something in life. But frankly speaking, I was not overwhelmed, because I knew what was to follow. The result meant my college life was over and I have to spend my next 3years in office doing my articleship. Its just that the other option-of failing and again giving these papers-was worse!

Meanwhile, my college result was also out and I surprisingly scored above 67%!

So after results, my next task was finding a CA under which I will spend my next 3 years of life. I was never so excited about the office life, the people were pouring in their suggestions and I was just hearing them.

“Looking for: a reputed CA firm, with metro connectivity, strict 10-5timings, saturdays off, providing 10000 as stipend, adequate holidays 4 exams and with proxy attendance system. Interested CAs contact me!! :P”

Finally I landed up with MGB&Co where neither of the condition was being fulfilled (except metro connectivity). And before moving ahead, a few lines on my first ever interview

“My fst ever interview! and was it good? I dont think so, but it was surely fun, especially the fact that i didnt kno it was an interview, until it actualy began!!!”

I had no idea that I would be having an interview that day. I thought I would just be introduced and then, if required, would be called upon for the interview. And then suddenly I was bombarded with questions! Even though the questions were quite simple but it had happened all so unexpectedly that before my mind could start working, the interview was over. I just remained in shock! But luckily (or unluckily) I was selected.

Before I could start my office life, some clean up work was left- I had to migrate from regular college to correspondence. And I am telling you the whole procedure of transfer was such a nightmare!! (Read this: OFFICE OFFICE: How to migrate fro college to correspondence in DU)

And with the migration process, a complete phase of my life ended! :'(

The Articleship

“Ghar se chal diye, bas ek bag pack aur ek pen… stipened ki fikar nhi, metro mein hum savaar.. Na jaane ab hoga kyaaa… Aooooo..… Auditinggg… Karni hai aaj!!”

16th September– This is the date which put a full stop to one of the phase of my life and started the other one. This is the date when my articleship period began. Though I joined the office from September 29! And how was my Day 1 at office?

“Day 1 at office! And it wasn’t that bad, but neither good. Actualy it was a so different and new xperience, i dont knw if it was gud or not. It will take sometime 2 get used 2 suffocating 8×10 rooms. A new phase of my life has begun frm 2day! :( :)”

It was such a different atmosphere. I wasn’t just able to make out anything. On one day, I used to like my office, other day I start thinking getting rid of it. I was just getting frustrated. I wasn’t able to make adjustment of office with the rest of my life. And the worst part was the distance. Daily I had to commute from Rohini to Noida ie 1.5hours one way in metro.

The rush, long travel time, not having anybody of my age, the office environment- I was just losing it. Leaving office at 9AM and then coming back at 11PM, I wasn’t able to take in anymore. And by the end of November, I had made full plans of quitting here and changing my office.

But then, out of nowhere, things changed- The workload reduced. I no longer had to travel to Noida, but to laxminagar only. Another of the article, who was on leave came back and I got a company. There were no more late nights at office. I was better able to manage my life. My mind got distracted in other issues. And finally, I dropped the plan of changing articleship!

11th December was another red mark day of my life! It was the day when I got my first ever salary Though a measly Rs.2000pm as stipend, it was special! Really special! Those were not just Rs.6560, but much much much more valuable than that.

In the year, I entered a completely new dimensions of my life. And you know what’s the best part of this new dimension? That I still have the most valuable items- my family and my friends- with me!


It was 24th December. Me and the other article, we both were working in the office and wondering if we will get an off on Christmas or not. At the time of leaving, we asked the sir, if there is holiday tomorrow. He thought for a while and when I was about to conclude that there is not going to be any holiday, he gave an affirmation. And you don’t know how elated I felt!

It was a hardworking year for me, and luckily, I got the result of all the efforts I put in. But there were small happiness like these which acted like seasonings on pizza and made this a wonderful year for me! And probably I was wrong when I said in the beginning that this wasn’t a dream year for me. I think it was! :)

And unlike the last year, this year has ended on a really high note

So the year ended on a high note! Got the new car and then the bonefire-dj party wid frnds! :)


Thanks to all who made this year the way it was, for me. Thank You.

With hopes that our tomorrow would be better than our today, I end this post.


Author: sarthakg

A terrible dancer, an abrasive singer and a Chartered Accountant, Sarthak Goyal has been penning his mind through the blog ‘Something. Nothing. Everything’ since 2009. In whatever little time he gets away from sleep, he works for his venture,

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