LOVE: what does it mean?

-by Guest Blogger Isha Jain

As the month of february comes, we can feel love in the air. We usually use the word the love. But have we thought what actually LOVE is?

Just the random thought come to my mind what is LOVE actually. Is it the relationship between two opposite sex?  If yes, then what you will you the relationship between a father and his son or daughter , between a mother and her children or what you will say about the relation between the master and his pet??

The word love is a very pure word and usually associated with the divine. This word has no specific mean. It’s the words that can’t be expressed in word. the one can only feel it. the contrary is such tha simple four letter word has undefinable meaning.  The examples of the true love is relation between the god and devotee , mother and daughter, father and son, heer ranjha, sohni and mahiwal.

now a days, this pure word is being spoiled by the so-called  intellectual  people, who have reached the moon , discovered the new galaxy etc and doesn’t know the exact meaning of the word love.  I failed to understand why people just associate the love with just the relation between the a girl and a boy. It is the stereotype pattern that has being set by society and we are just following it blindly.

the true love is defined by the sense of  forgetting oneself and devote ourself to services of others ,sharing soul and body up to very extent ,reading the thoughts , feelings of other person.

this is the love. this type of relationship  can exist between the person of the same-sex too.  why the person feel disgusting thinking about the love of same-sex( GAY or LESBIAN).

Earlier in 12th- 13th century, there is the famous love which we all don’t know . It’s really the unique love story , that after reading it your brain will starting storming.  the famous ghazal writer AMIR KHUSRAU has written many poem in different languages but in each of his , he direct his love towards only one person to whom he loves like hell. the person he loves is none the other but his contemporary poet friend AMIR HASAN SANJARI. it is popularly narrated that prince MUHAMMAD of MULTAN got Hasan whipped when they defined his order to separate. as proof of their love, Khasrau showed the prince the mark of the whip on his arm, at the very spot where has whipped! their attachment is also a mystic love story as others.

Why we always consider the love between two person? There was also a very famous love story of a poet who fall in love with his CAT so deeply that he wrote a fantastic poem describing his beloved and his love towards her.

So in end I just want ask people why valentine week is being celebrated by couples? Why the people feel so scared of the society that they don’t show their love towards loved ones? Or why the other people interfere in the personal matter of others(like in case of gays or lesbians). Its their love, why we are snatching their basic right of being loved by the one whom they love??

Just think. Let yourself get out of this stereotype shackles of society, lead the future in very diplomatic way


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