We Indians can NOT live Without Corruption

“50% Indians have bribed atleast once in their lifetime, rest 50% are below poverty line”

So the Anna Hazzare drama is finally, over. It was all so fun! Wish it would have continued for a little longer. But now we have more entertaining stuff to look over- it’s the IPL, dude!

This is the reality! If you think that we Indians have won a war against corruption or something, then stop fooling yourself. Won’t you bribe the traffic policeman now? You will! Corruption is in our very blood, and we just can’t live without it.

Out of the population of 1.21 billion, there were only 200 people sitting on anshan. Few thousands protesting at Jantar Mantar or Gateway of India. And some more tweeting or updating their facebook status or writing blog like this. That’s it! And we call it a mass revolution? How many of the people actually even know about the Lokpal Bill? You know, the biggest irony of the protest was that we were using the by-product of the biggest (biggest among those revealed) corruption scandal in India, our mobile phone- the 2G, to register our protest against corruption.

No, I am not against Anna Hazare. Infact, I salute him for his work. But I am against this mass hysteria created around this protest. “The Second War of Independence” “Jantar Mantar- India’s Tahrir Chowk”- It was all nuisance. The Lokpal bill still has a long journey to make. There has to be done- drafting of bill, passing the bill in Parliament, proper implementation of law and then getting it functional to act against corruption. And still there is no surety that it will stop corruption.

All this protest was like a ganga-snan (bath in river Ganga, which is believed to wash away all the sins committed by a person). By watching Anna Hazare news or tweeting about this, we believe that our image is now corruption free. But when it would come to getting our child admitted in the most-reputed college or in nursery, we will simply shutdown our eyes. Why shouldn’t you be put in jail with A.Raja? Just because the amount varies?

The most common excuse that comes when giving bribe is that we don’t have any other option. And I buy this point. Sometimes, actually we don’t have any choice. But the problem grows, when we become habitual of it. Take this case-

“For the first time trying to give BRIBE to an INCOME TAX OFFICER..bt failed Will try again..may be better luck nxt time..:))”

This was my friend’s FB status few days ago. He was simply ecstatic on giving bribe. It was like a big achievement for him. How can a person be so happy over the idea of bribery, i just can’t understand. He doesn’t even find it wrong. And that’s the biggest problem.

Infact, I, being a chartered accountant student, am being taught (though unofficially) that how to bribe or not to raise a voice against corruption! C’mon this is just the limit! Stop having corruption as a part of our culture. Stop promoting it.

I don’t expect everyone to adopt “I will not bribe” policy, but atleast have “I feel ashamed to bribe” attitude.

One doubts if corruption can ever be rooted-out from India. But It can be, with some radical change in our thoughts- when we start feeling ashamed of being a part of corruption, and not happy like my fellow friend; when we will not boost bribing as our achievement, but something as very unfortunate.

This is where people like Anna Hazare play a crucial role. They provide us with a mirror to look upon where we stand. The movements like these give us hope that we are not the only ones who hate corruption. Everyone wants to get rid of it. And if we raise our voice, there are people to back us.

Picture this. You go to a government office wearing an ‘India Against Corruption’ t-shirt. That government official will atleast think once before asking you for bribe and may even perform your work without any mithayi. That would be real change. The real win against corruption.

And yes, one day-and that day will come very soon- we Indians will live without corruption!

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Author: sarthakg

A terrible dancer, an abrasive singer and a Chartered Accountant, Sarthak Goyal has been penning his mind through the blog ‘Something. Nothing. Everything’ since 2009. In whatever little time he gets away from sleep, he works for his venture, DTHConnect.com.

11 thoughts on “We Indians can NOT live Without Corruption”

  1. (via facebook)

    Neha Garg
    big question is …………..whatif members of jan lokpal themselves get corrupted…………….Power can do anything

    April 14 at 7:30am ·

    Neha Garg
    freedom from britishers was easier(as we were fighting with the ppls) than corruption(here we r fighting with a thought that has become habit,a convenient habit) ………….still it took 400 yrs to get freedom,think how much it will take for corruption

    April 14 at 7:36am

    Prankur Gupta
    Ethically corruption is an evil….let’s rewind a bit….corruption lead to industrialization and is one of the root cause of WE being one of the fastest growing economies …..give it a thought….and now decide…

    Do you want an ideal world…or infact as we engineers have leart….ideal things can never be achieved because they have ‘impracticalities’ and creates problem for the general functioning…

    April 14 at 10:04am

    Neha Garg
    bribe ,this is the first thing we teach to our kid…………..if he is not studying we bribe him with a chocolate or ice cream……………lekin koi humse kamari aukat se zyada maang le to hum use corruption keh dete hai……………..let’s first decide wht is corruption…….is it name given to an action or an intention?

    April 14 at 11:50am

    Neha Garg
    ‎@ Prankur in science ideal situation or world is hypothetical but still scientist try to achieve that to get the result ,if they face any prob they resolve it n try again…………….n without attaining that u can not say that it will create prob or not

    April 14 at 11:58am

    Neha Garg
    secondly………….it’s the need that lead to industrialization n it’s the selfishness that leads to corruption

    April 14 at 11:59am

    Prankur Gupta
    ‎@neha…i beg to differ…

    Scientists always have a plan…and idealism can never be obtained is a ‘Law’…anything approaching idealism WOULD have impracticalities along…and this is the basic check before any research or any design whatsoever…
    April 14 at 12:18pm

    Prankur Gupta
    About the industrialization…

    ‘selfishness’ is corruption…YES!…but here’s a question…how did industrialization start?…was it a social initiative by anyone?…the answer unfortunately is NO…..it was a selfish motive and every development in this world always is…….it’s just that a lot of other people also gain benefits as they tag along….though people may argue that I am being cynical…but so be it!

    So here’s what my solution to the problem…search the reasons for corruption…eliminate them and then question the corrupt…Why are you doing it?

    I mean when a cop says I don’t get enough for my family needs…I would buy his argument…so first target the problems that lead to corruption…and then try and eradicate corruption.

    April 14 at 12:23pm

    Prankur Gupta
    Also, the protests seem to be Gandhian but the bill itself is Anti-Gandhian…Gandhian principles state eradicate crime and not criminals…the bill from my perspective works in an opposite sense
    April 14 at 12:24pm

    1. @‎Prankur Gupta
      I am seriously not getting wat u r saying… u r complexing a not so complex issue! Corruption is an evil, ethically and in every sense.. and i dont think so its a debatable issue…
      Regarding industrialization, there is a very thin line between need and selfishness but corruption is completely different issue! It is about using UNFAIR means.. If i go by what u r saying, this implies that v hav got pothole roads because of corruption, without corruption we wudn’t even hav had roads, ryt?

      And talking about idealistic world… ideal situations like corruption-free, disease-free world exist only hypothetically, but still we try and be as close to such idealistic world..

      Tell me one thing… Does a cop stop taking bribe after a limit saying, “ok, my family needs r fulfilled. Now I will not accept bribe”??.. When it comes to money, there is no level of satisfaction!!

    2. Let me take this issue of corruption from a different point of view.

      Every human action, has some incentives involved as well as few deterring factors. With regards to corruption, inventive is primarily money or some other thing. Deterrents are basically- moral grounds (involving ethics, values, grief for loss caused to ‘deserving’ person) and fear (of law and society). Today, neither fear nor morality exist. As a result, we are having increasing cases of corruption.
      Though for that individual, he is gaining from corruption but society as a whole is losing as the money which could have been utilized in more effective manner (like in eradicating poverty) is being wasted somewhere else (in Swiss banks).
      One of basic objective behind having a government is the just distribution of resources among people. But the corruption defeats that purpose. That’s why it is an evil which can destroy the whole socio-economic structure.

      Now coming to the solution part.
      Incentive for corruption will always be there. You can’t say that if a cop’s salary is doubled, he would stop accepting bribes. Howsoever rich you might be, you wouldn’t say no even to Re.1 if there are no deterring forces. Therefore to solve the problem of corruption, we need deterent part to be stronger. And this is possible through changes in thought process and by having stronger laws.

      I believe the Anna campaign is contributing in both these regards. Directly, it is demanding stronger laws against corruption, and indirectly it is creating an awareness against corruption as well. Through people like Anna Hazare, long-forgotten words like ethics and values can again be set up in people’s mind. Thats why this revolution is so important, though it is just a beginning.

  2. freedom from britishers was easier(as we were fighting with the ppls) than corruption(here we r fighting with a thought that has become habit,a convenient habit) ………….still it took 400 yrs to get freedom,think how much it will take for corruption

  3. (via facebook)

    u r rite my frnd (sarthak), it was jus a matter of TRP for these silly news channels and a new topic for everyone to chat, nothing more than that… n SOURAV ki to MAARLI tune
    Friday at 11:14am

    1. but atleast this was a meaningful topic than those India TV coverages.. And we can’t deny the fact that more than Anna Hazare, it was the role of media…

      and regarding saurav, i know woh comment bhi nhi karne wala ispe… i didn’t say 2 him ki tu bribe na de.. bas atleast ye to accept kar ki this is something wrong.. not something to boost about!!!

  4. i agree with your post and the title. I can only think of restricting the black money out of the country rather than ending corruption. In my blog I suggested two possible ways. Please read them and let me know if you can agree to my view points


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