Tryst with KKR: Meeting Gambhir, Yusuf, Lee, Kallis, Wasim Akram and others

It was a dream come true. Call it destiny or what, this season I decided to support Kolkatta Knightriders and there I was with whole of KKR team.

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It was some promotional event by DishTV where my dad was also invited. And for obvious reason, I accompany him. And there they were all- Gautam Gambhir, Yusuf Pathan, Jaques Kallis, Brett Lee, legendary Wasim Akram and the whole KKR team.

Meeting them, getting photographed with them- it was all amazing and beyond any expression.All I wonder is why Sachin do not play for KKR. :P

Some of the pics of the event:

With legendary fast bowler and now KKR’s coach, Wasim Akram
With boom boom Yusuf Pathan
With one of my favourites, Gautam Gambhir- whose 97 was the most crucial in India’s WC win
Lakshmipathy Balaji– one time India’s most liked bowler
Yusuf, Gauti, Kallis and Lee- answering our questions!
And well! This is me. :)
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