The Wedding: Grand Finale

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Part 1:The Wedding

Part 2: Wedding: The card Distribution

Part 3: The Wedding Continues (3)

(What I thought to be a single post, has continued in a four part series, All thanks to my ability of not being able to write in short.)

Hello and welcome to the final day of the Wedding match of Garima weds Deepesh. We are coming to you live from the Silver Oak Farm House. The stage is all set. Spectators are slowly filling the stadium. The match is likely to begin very shortly. Before that, lets go down to our on field commentator, with the weather report.

“Thank You. From past few days the temperature was souring above 45 degrees and the wedding match was expected to have lots of skin release. But the weather has taken a U turn. Instead of hot temperature, there are now fears of rain which may just spoil the whole match. Though right now, pleasant winds are blowing through the ground. If it stays that way and rains remain away, we expect everyone to have a great time.”

Well the wedding ceremonies are about to begin. There we have bride’s brother, Sarthak Goyal arriving. He has been in his prime form past few days and is expected to give his best today. We can see, with assistance from his father and others, he is welcoming spectators for this big day.

Meanwhile, we have heard that the captain of the other team, the groom has arrived. But he is still waiting in dugout (ie car) as his teammates (ie baarati) are still on their way. On the other side, Sarthak Goyal has changed his stance. He is running towards the assembly point to face the opposition team (ie the boy’s side), but has been sent back.

The groom is out on the crease. Korath, a kind of welcoming ceremony for the groom, has begun. And oh no! There is a twist, Sarthak has been called back at assembly point, but only to be sent back again, as the umpires (pundits) requires some material. Sarthak is running from his father to his mother and now towards the parking area. You can see the frustration mounting on his face. The car is full of match equipments (ie ceremonial stuff) and he has no clue of what has been demanded by umpire. So he makes an referral (ie ask for help) to his mother. His mother arrives, gives him the required stuff and there sarthak zoops back to Assembly point.  (In short, Korath ke time mujhe pura bhaga diya tha. All thanks to the pleasant weather that I am still alive.)

After Korath, its time for baarat to cover the 100metre and 1hour long distance till the actual venue. Unlike IPL, here fireworks are seen before the match. The baarat is moving as if snails are carrying every person. I just hope they won’t be timed-out!

Meanwhile all plans have been chalked out to tackle (ie welcome) the opposition. And here enters the groom’s side, jumping..err.rr.. dancing! Bride’s sisters are welcoming them in the traditional tilak-and-all manner. Slowly but gradually, the opposition  captain is moving towards his place on the stage. As he was about to settle in, here enters the captain of the home team, the bride.

Both the captains are approaching towards the elevated center stage. It seems its going to one-on-one between the two captains ie Jaimala– the exchange of flower garland. Meanwhile, there is some confusion around the stage. There are two sets of jaimala and its becoming difficult to decide who will use the second set. Finally, it has been decided the keep the second set at bay and let the bride and bridegroom have the perfect match. First its the groom who puts the garland in bride’s neck, followed by the groom. And as both exchanges the jaimala, the stage has started revolving. The bride and groom are holding each other’s hand and flowers are raining over them. A perfect moment!

Finally they both captains descends down the center table and move towards the main stage. Our cameramen are doing the best job of getting their photographs from each and every degree of angle. These cameraman are the happiest person right now because they know its their turn NOW ie the photography session. Everyone wants to get one (and in some cases, more than one) photos with the captains. This photography session appears to be never ending with so many camera flashes to make anyone blind. (Now we all know why love is called blind!)

Meanwhile, Sarthak Goyal seems to be in search of someone. Busy in his match (wedding) duties, he hasn’t been to spend anytime with his friends. And if that wasn’t enough, some of his friends have reached some other stadium. They are now being called out to the right venue. And once they have reached, we can see Sarthak enjoying a break and having some relaxing time with them. In that time, the photographers’ inning has come to an end (though they will keep batting throughout the match!). And its time for the Maxx-Lava-Lemon Mobile Dinner Timeout.

This timeout is only valid for groom’s team. They are having dinner while the whole of the bride’s team are serving them. The timeout is now over, and now comes the Grand finale of the finale- the phere!

Phere– it is that part of the wedding where bride and groom vows to be with each other ever and forever. The umpires talks with the umpire almighty (the God) and asks him for his blessings for the two captains. After taking some rounds around the pavitra agnee and with all the rituals being performed, DEEPESH GUPTA and GARIMA GOYAL GUPTA are now officially HUSBAND and WIFE.

And with the final ceremony of vidaai, where the bride leaves for her new house (giving his brother the ultimate freedom), the wedding match is now over. Not over, infact a new match has been established today.

The two week long extravaganza has finally come to an end. Overall, it has been a memorable fare. When my two elder sisters got married, I was probably bit younger to actually been involved in the wedding. But this time, I got this opportunity- to experience to be the brother of bride. Despite the workload, it was fun! Infact there hasn’t been so much workload also as I have presented during the whole series. There is a long list of people who were actually taking the burden- my sisters, brothers, mom, dad and other family members. I was just contributing in bits and pieces. On the day of wedding, there were some scares of rainfall but luckily it turned out to be a pleasant environment without much of the heat or any rain. The whole function went out smoothly without any hiccups and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I do.


That was 28th May, 2010 and today its 28th May 2011 ie the first wedding anniversary of di and jiju. And I wish you both A VERY HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! :)

That’s it from the series THE WEDDING! I hope you enjoyed the all the 4 parts. Please leave your comments and share it with all your friends.

Thank You. Have fun


The Wedding Series: All parts

Part 1:The Wedding


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