9 Things You should Know about Delhi Metro Travelers

Dedicated to those morons who rape this world class system everyday!

1. Metro-ites value their time the most– Thats why they can’t wait for others to get down and will break any line, push any one to get inside the metro, instead og wasting theri precious 2 minutes in waiting for the next.

2. Metro-ites know how to save their natural resources- by not taking bath for days to save water and not even using deo’s to protect the ozone layer

3. Metro-ites are most health conscious– As a resul the seat made for 7 people will have 8 or sometimes even 9 people sitting there

4. Metro-ites respect their elders– Thats why they keep their elders standing and bow their heads down as soon as any of them comes near to the place where they are sited.

5. Metro-ites are focused towards their goal– They will push anybody and everybody, no matter if its a woman or an elderly person. They will break all the lines. They won’t mind being pushed and insulted. Their focus will always remain on getting that seat

6.  Metro-ites respect the women the most– Thats why all men will keep gazing at that girl with the most protective eyes, so that no-one can hurt her and also you have so many of them guarding the pathway to the women’s coach.

7. Metro-ites love to be in the queue– That’s why they will make one of their own

8. Metro-ites miss their moms and sisters the most– Hence they will remember them is every alternate dialog they speak.

9. Metro-ites are the most helpful– They will automatically push you inside and outside the metro without you doing anything.

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Author: sarthakg

A terrible dancer, an abrasive singer and a Chartered Accountant, Sarthak Goyal has been penning his mind through the blog ‘Something. Nothing. Everything’ since 2009. In whatever little time he gets away from sleep, he works for his venture, DTHConnect.com.

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