The Best Curve, Smile :)

Some of the most amazing moments of life

 Watching Tom and Jerry


That huge cry of joy of any win or achievement


A smile  from your crush


You wake in the morning and receives the call that it’s off today.

Samosa and cold drink party from your Scrooge friend

 You remember someone and all of a sudden that person calls or message you.

The first wish on your Birthday

A lovely evening with your loved one

A crazy night out with friends

When in trouble and realizing how much others care for you

Message from your best friend after a World War

Getting numerous likes on your profile photo.

Getting a compliment from an unknown person.

Getting extra marks from the person whose answer sheet you had copied in the exam.

A hug

The smell of your favorite dish

Listening to your favorite song on FM

When you say Thank You from the bottom of your heart

and  the most amazing,

Remembering such moments and smiling


Author: sarthakg

A terrible dancer, an abrasive singer and a Chartered Accountant, Sarthak Goyal has been penning his mind through the blog ‘Something. Nothing. Everything’ since 2009. In whatever little time he gets away from sleep, he works for his venture,

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