IPL Six or Fix- An inside Story

We all have heard how the spots were fixed, but this is the inside account of how Fixing Scandal was fixed!

The only difference between Sehwag and Delhi Commissioner of Police Neeraj Kumar was that the former was already out  from the team India and the latter was of the verge of being thrown out. This IPL was their last chance of redemption, one succeeded and the other one failed.

April 6, 2012- Date when it all began!

It was the first match at Ferozshah Kotla stadium, against Rajashtan Royals! Ajit Moonila was all ready to shine on this turning pitch. But even before the match could start, he made a small little mistake- He abused a mahela in the opposition team, and we all know how strict Delhi police is against crime against women! Moonila was taking into custody, but this turned out to be blessing in disguise! The CP of Delhi got the opportunity to fix his chair. The 10th team of IPL- The Fixing Fiasco- was created that day, with moonila as captain.

For the next few days, the moonila got his team build up with  Moonila, Sree 420 and Ankit Chorhan as 3 genuine bowlers, 6 bookies for who were expert in betting,1 keeper in Jiju to keep everyone together and an all rounder, A-meet Singh who bowls as well as bet.

They were coached by Mohammad Ass-if, the best in the business of fixing. The Roadies duo of Raghu and Rajeev were hired for scripting the reality. There were regular match practices to play badly. But there was one player, a prodigy, who needed no practice in bowling badly. Yes you guessed it right, Mr. Sree 420 who could leak away runs despite double coating of M-Seal. The way every cricketer idolizes Sachin or Warne, these playe..err..rr.. fixers had their idol too. They all dreamt of becoming MP, like their idol Md. Agarmagarudinn.

After 1 month of regular practice sessions , it was time to deliver. The date was 5th May 2012. The captain decided to open the innings himself. All was set, the CP was preparing himself for all the interviews he would give after exposing everything. But a small mistake, and the plan went haywire!

Moonila forgot to wax his body and hence failed to give the signal by pulling out his shirt! Despite scoring sufficient runs, they lost! But this was not the end. In the next game, the team’s most reliable and trustworthy bowler had the bowl in his hand. Everyone was confident, that no-one can stop him from giving runs, not even he himself. But, Sree failed by 1 run. (There are strong rumors that batsmen were fixed to not to make runs by the opposition party. What else can be the reason for failing to score on Sree”s bowling!) The CPs interview practices continued.

Now this IPL No.10 team was all dependent on tail enders. It was the match against Delhi police’s arch rival, Mumbai! The target was 13 runs. Chorhan had the ball. First ball- short, slow and it was a 6! Next ball, outside off- 2 runs. Five required from 4 balls. But Chorhan did not require 4, the next ball was fuller and it went on for 6! And that’s it! The match fixing was all set to roll!

For the whole night, the team along with CP were busy creating all the evidences. The voices were recorded, missed calls were given to random Dubai numbers to involve D-Company. A random number booklet was prepared as betting document. Micromaxx and Lava mobiles were purchased. But the most challenging was, doing this keeping it hidden from Mumbai Police!

At around 3AM, the team was finally awarded with handcuffs and a chartered plane was arranged to carry them for facilitation at Delhi.  The whole media was there to welcome them, probably more than what was there at World Cup’s triumph.

The dark horses of IPL-6
The dark horses of IPL-6


While the original Delhi franchise, failed to make any mark, the team owned by Delhi CP turned out to be dark horses and took the whole IPL by storm. The Gayle storm or the Steyn-gun- all seemed diminutive against the performance of this team! No matter how the Delhi (team) performed throughput the season, but it is Delhi (police), which deserves the trophy!

The next day CP made it to the Fanta Books of Records for maximum number of interviews in a day!

No matter which team wins the IPL final, but this team has proved it again. A sports is not about winning or losing. Its about what impact you have on it, its about the mark you leave on the game. And these players have left such a dark mark which will never be forgotten!


Author: sarthakg

A terrible dancer, an abrasive singer and a Chartered Accountant, Sarthak Goyal has been penning his mind through the blog ‘Something. Nothing. Everything’ since 2009. In whatever little time he gets away from sleep, he works for his venture, DTHConnect.com.

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