Indeed the Centre of Excellence: The first Impression!

30 people. From 11 different states of India. Under one roof. For 28 days. Everyday you are given different tasks. No mobile networks. One can’t go outside. A list of rules, 4 page long. And no I am not talking about some crap Bigg Boss airing on TV.

Welcome to COE, Centre of Excellence!


I heard about this 4 weeks residential program called Personality Skills Development conducted at Hyderabad by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. After giving away all my happiness for 4 years, my enjoyment, my college life, time, sleep to articleship and classes, I knew that this is the opportunity to get back something from CA. And I enrolled into program.

Never been out of the city alone, never been seen the hostel life, I knew beforehand that this was going to be life changer experience for me. And did it live to my expectations? The 4 weeks experience was way beyond what I could have ever thought!

The first impression

Day 0. It was 11th August, 2013- the day I reached Hyderabad. There was big glass building around 40 floors in height which was the ICICI Bank Headquarter and with reflections of sun pouring from ICICI Bank Building over it, was the campus nurturing the future CFOs of Companies- Centre of Excellence. Was it a hostel or a hotel? There were wooden furnished AC Rooms with LCDs, there was gym, swimming pool, lawn tennis court, a recreational room where we can play TT, carrom, chess, we could sit and relax in lounges, there was a well maintained cafeteria and the lawns were simply beautiful. In outskirts of the city, away from the chaos of traffic, truly going with the name, it was indeed the Centre of Excellence!

After exploring the facilities out there, it was time to interact with other people. From places like Shimoga near Bangluru, to marble city of India, Kishanganj in Rajasthan, to the city infamous for its opium crop, Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh; people were present from all over India. Delhi, Mumbai, Sungroor in Punjab, Jodhpur, Guwahati, Jalgaon in Maharashtra, Patna- There was virtually whole India at one place, called the Centre of Excellence. And we all were locked up there for next 4 weeks! There were no girls which was disappointing but nothing in this world can be perfect, and not having any girl was the only imperfect part of CoE.

That evening, we all sat down in the lawn tennis court and had our first formal introduction with each other. We had all India rank holders, singers, yoga-guru, air-rifle champions, musicians, tech-geeks, politically inclined, writers amongst us. Some were aspiring to be a great entrepreneur,  some were already entrepreneurs, some were looking for jobs, people were having dreams of IAS and while others were still trying to figure out their future. But one thing was common between all, of course apart from CA thing, that we all wanted to gain maximum from the upcoming 4 weeks, both in terms of learning and having fun.

Next Morning. Day 1. Unlike the Bigg Boss house, there was no song playing to wake us up in the morning, and getting ready on time was a big challenge. There was rule that no breakfast will be served after 9:15 AM and our class timings were 9:30 AM. Day 1 only, I and my room partner were late for breakfast, but luckily got a parantha to eat, and the rest we managed with biscuits.

Nevertheless, we reached for our classroom. What a classroom it was- air conditioned, having projectors, mikes on each seat. To top that, everyone was dressed in their finest formals- shirt with ties, blazer and trouser. Even the best of MNCs could not have created such professional environment.

Having no idea what we really are going to learn, the Centre of Excellence kept surprising us. Just look at the activities we had on Day 1 itself- Strategy formation on how to survive in air crash in a desert, presenting our business idea for raising funds, participating in a virtual auction for establishing business and learning how to convert a group into a team.

The class ended at 5PM, but not the day. It was then time to try our hands on TT and Lawn Tennis, and thankfully not many of us were good at playing it. 10 PM was the time we were supposed to go back into the rooms, but they did not specify that into your “own” room. And from there began the legacy of “Club 1Show13” and our late night group project work.

It was all just on the day 1. Some of the creativiti-est class activities, best of speakers from across the countries,  exploration of city of Hyderabad and the craziest bakchodi with hostel mates- these all were awaiting us in next few days. The next few days which were going to be the best few days in the lives of many of us!


(More on the experience of CoE, the hostel life and what influence it had on me: Coming Very Soon!)


Author: sarthakg

A terrible dancer, an abrasive singer and a Chartered Accountant, Sarthak Goyal has been penning his mind through the blog ‘Something. Nothing. Everything’ since 2009. In whatever little time he gets away from sleep, he works for his venture,

167 thoughts on “Indeed the Centre of Excellence: The first Impression!”

  1. Hi sarthak !
    This sounds like you had great fun at ye gmcs. :)
    I am keen on joining the upcoming batch of residential gmcs at COE Hyd. There is a lot of ambiguity about the program, the faculties and the effectiveness of the program in my mind.
    Considering the cost and the time involved, I am still thinking whether I should or should not join the course.
    Can you please help me out?

    1. Hi alina.
      My suggestion will be go for it without giving a second thought.

      The faculty is excellent. You will learn a lot. Its like a mini MBA program with focus on personality development, public speaking, your perspective towards life, corporate culture and things like this. But the learning is not limited to classroom. The interaction you have with people from around the country- each having a different background- is going to be the real learning.

      Apart from learning, you will surely have lots of fun. The beautiful city of hyderabad, facilities provided there- lawn tennis, gym, tt, chess, carom, various management games, plays during classes and of course, the hostel life!

      Talking about cost, its value for money from all point of view. Living in a three star equivalent hostel, having all necessary facilities, food, faculties who are renowned all over India- I am sure it costs Icai a lot more than 40k.

      Go for it and do share your experience here!!

    1. Not directly. Like no company is going to give you any preference coz u hav attended this course.

      But yes, this will form a part of your resume, and during interview, you can elaborate your learning vch can score a point for you.

      Plus, obviously, GD, interview and personality skills u will learn is going to give you an edge over others (depending upon how far u can capitalize your learnings).

  2. Thankyou so much Sarthak 😊
    I am surely reconsidering upon taking this course….Inshah Allah will get back to you with a happy and satisfied feedback on course completion 😀

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  4. Hey sarthak ! I’m was searching for reviews on google regarding gmcs residential course n ur link showed up.. Trust me, your blog was worth reading.. It gave me a lot of confidence.. I recently enrolled in the upcoming batch.. But was not sure whether the course will be good or not..i wanted to know a few things n i guess u can help me out a little.. Arn’t we allowed to go out of campus ? and do we have to wear formal set ( blazer, tie ) during the full course .. I mean is it okay not to wear a blazer after 2-3 days ? … And i guess its not a point to ask whether the trip was worth it or not..your blog explains it perfectly.. ! Your blogs are amazing n worth reading especially that auditors report.. Hahahah.. Worth reading :D

    1. You are provided with 4 offs when you can go out and explore the city. On other days, you are not allowed. The course expects you spend time in the campus, make new friends, get to know about different cultures, develop new habits. Like we used to have sessions of GDs, knowledge sharing, music, yoga, mock interview sessions amongst ourselves after 5pm.(Not to forget the night long sessions of teen patti :P). But of course, you can have some relative whom you want to meet, or may be some walk in interview or for the sake of haircut. The excuses are endless.

      Not wearing a blazer is ok, but if it tends to be cold, then you may have to. Apart from that, formal, including tie, is a must and I really don’t feel that it should be any issue.

      Do go there with an open mind- no pre-conceived notions. If you are spending this much, then it is your responsibility to gain the maximum of it.

      All the best and do share your COE experience here!

    2. Hi Sarthak!
      You have a great blog here! I have a question – The 4 offs that are allowed; are they pre-decided or do you get to choose when you can take the off? Also would they be full day offs? I do hope you pen down how this course influenced you; would love to hear it!

    3. Hi Crisanda!

      Thanks for the appreciation.
      Answering your question, the weekly offs are pre-decided. And they are full days offs. Though they don’t allow you to stay outside during night. 7-8 PM is what they allow.

      Talking about how it influenced me. COE helped me in bridging the gap between a CA student and a professional. For example, during the interviews post COE, I was so much at ease as I knew what I was supposed to do. I learnt the art of speaking. Like recently, we, along with some of my friends, launched a website and I was supposed to speak in front of 700 people. Despite having no previous experience, I went there and spoke.

      Apart from your soft skill, COE influenced me to be creative, to think out of the box, which is something we Chartered Accountants somewhat lack. And then there was the experience of staying in hostel which was a new for me. I could survive on my own. I learnt how to iron my clothes.

      We used to have sessions after the classes among ourselves where we used to debate, have mock interviews. In those debates, I got to learn so many new things. Then there was the whole group of people from across the nation. Everyone with different backgrounds. One get to learn so many things from people- their life perspective, their struggle, needs, culture. It broadens your thinking.

      At the end of the day, COE is only a platform. It depends on the individual how much he/she can learn from it. Plus, its difficult to explain or assess the influence. But yes, it does influence you in a very positive way.

    4. Btw Crisanda, I checked your blog. Though, it was not much of my interest, as I am not much into cometics, but it was heart warming to see CAs doing something beyond usual.

      Actually, to celebrate such ‘beyond usual’ CAs, we have launched the website Would recommend you to check the website and if interested in contributed to it, you may drop us a mail at giving a brief intro about yourself.

  5. I was surfing google for reviews about coe, & therewith I came across this link. You have shared a comprehensive experience of your 1st day,and it makes it clear that the money spend will be worthful, & hence I applied for the same. I received a call that I need to send scan copy of the form after getting it signed from my principal, but my principal is pondering a lot for allowing me for this programme. please suggest me soon how to convince him. I really want to attend this programme. (I am serving , last 4 months of my articleship )

    Further, I would definitely like to mention that your writings are crisps and engrossing. Just now i read the marathon run, n its an inspiring one. :)… moreover I would like to read your experience in coe after the 1st day,as you have mentioned here in this blog

    1. Actually, he can’t stop you because it is considered a part of your article-ship only. Infact, he should not because you are going out there for learning, not for any leisure trip. Moreover, in any case for GMCS, he will have to spare you for 3 weeks (15 working days).

      Tell him that you will work extra after articleship for compensating, that you don’t want to miss this lifetime, career-making opportunity, that normal GMCS are of no use. Drop him a mail with details of program. Just keep persuading him. Unless he belongs to that rude category, he will definitely agree. Don’t let this opportunity pass by because of him.

      Thanks for the appreciation. I am glad you liked it.

      And I wish I had written the experience for remaining days, but take it in this way- you don’t want to know the whole story of movie beforehand. So let the rest of the days, be a suspense for you. I can just tell you that all the days were as wonderful as the Day 1.

      Go for it! Do share how you convinced your boss (and you have to, by hook or crook!). And then, when you will attend the program, I would love to hear your views on the program.

      Once again, Thanks for the appreciation! :)

  6. Thanx a lot for replying & motivating me :):)

    After a lot of ranting & persuading for over a week, at last he agreed yesterday. Yeah, he do belong to the rude category,can insult anyone and everyone like hell. but I let his words pass out through my ears. he said that I wont allow a day leave,let alone 28 days (of not working in his firm),let d institute send me letter for this,I will see to it, How can institute do so,considering it as the part of articleship training,someone who can pay 40000, again that person getting stipend for the month ..He even said this that he won’t support this discrimination of the institute that those who can afford Rs. 40000, they will get the training and others wont…I kept on saying please see the papers then decide. This is the course charges along with boarding & lodging.
    I thought of saying not to pay me stipend for that month but then i thought,it may trigger his anger.

    I prodded him a lot a lot, saying sir this is a very nice training,n there are very few batches held for girls during the year,very rare. he snickered the fact that how can there be separate batches for girls & boys. He thought I am lying or faking something. I said institute has framed such rules. i continued with my rantings :p he even didn’t believe that gmcs has to be done in the final year of articleship,because none of my senior has done it during articleship (i don’t know why). I had to made him believe this(he wasn’t ready to see the papers).then he calculated that it will be a loss of 13 days(28 days-15 days) + the transportation time… one of my friend said,sir she will get the flights ticket done… I ensured sir that I wont take any extra leave for this.

    I had to flatter him by saying ‘Sir I want to develop the managerial skill, you have it in you as a natural trait, even u know sir that for a CA student only clearing exam is not enough, it was always u who insisted us dat v should see you & learn the managing capability,now this is one opportunity to enhance the managerial skills i have learned from you.’ & then he agreed finally after ensuring that I wont need to do gmcs after doing this training…..
    Omg i was so damn happy,I succeeded after a long remonstration. other articles literally congratulated me,mocking that I was stern like goddess durga (hehehehe, I am bengali and you must be knowing she is the epitome of strength and the mostly worshipped goddess among us)…

    I have mailed them the form. Now waiting for their response…There are only 30 seats,so is there any selection criteria??how do they select??

    I got to read the trailer of coe here,from your experience ,now waiting for the whole movie to reveal itself:) :)… excited to go there..

    1. Wow! Thats quite a bit of ranting!! Congratulations. You finally made it.
      We didnt have anyone from Bengal in our batch, but your batch is going to have Durga herself :-P

      And its not a batch of 30 people. There were actually only 30 people enrolling for it at my time. It was supposed to be two batches of 45 each, but probably this course is not well known plus the different batches for guy and girl thing, makes only few people to apply for it.

      And in case there are more number of applicants, then i guess they give preference to passouts and then apply first come basis.

      Learn. Make friends. Have fun. Break the rules! Thats what is going to make the movie wonderful.

  7. Hehe….nothing like that, my friends were kidding with me…I am a normal girl, I just got lucky,and moreover presence of my friends at that moment in that room gave me strength. They helped me in my determination to convince sir. I have thanked all of them for this.

    Thanks for congratulating me..& I got my confirmation letter…yiiipeeee…now I am ready to go….to learn a lot, to make friends,to have fun…& I love breaking rules.. :p ;)

  8. Hi Sarthak,

    Here I am to share my experience. Thanks to everyone who helped in making it possible for me to attend the residential programme. In short, I can say the 28 days at coe were the best days of my life. Given a chance,I would like to go there again.It was full of learning (thoroughly interactive),fun, and I got to make some closest of friends. We were 78 girls, in 2 batches,coming from different cities,it was like ‘unity in diversity’. And now I can say, I have friends in various cities.The faculties are hand picked,they are just too good,too humble, very knowledgeable,efficient & very effective and they helped us in bringing the best among us. I respect each one of them.

    I was allotted the room at 4th floor, ie. where there are 3 rooms in an appt., & thus became one of the ‘Flat wale log’ :p while writing this I am reminiscing the day when I entered the flat,& it was a ‘WOW’ feeling. I got great flatmates & even a great room mate. The balcony at the backside was bliss for me & I felt the front open corridor was truly alluring.

    Then there were rules to be broken :p …feeling the sense of achievement,after doing something against the rules in spite of the strict guards & checking. But we felt proud that even after that, Reddy sir acknowledged our batch as the best batch till date because we had adhered to the rules ;) (I am surprised that how innocent looking faces we 78 girls do have).

    Late night fun,birthday parties,dance in the class,after the class,music,cakes,games,singing hoarsely(intentionally) sitting in the lawn till the guards used to blow their whistle & asking us to go to room sharp at 10 pm ,(Yeah, they didn’t specify,which room we have to go ;) ),then there were innumerable photo shoots,posing at different places,capturing the beauty of the campus,to treasure & cherish them in our memories forever;felt like at last CA has actually given some life to its students. We even celebrated Lohri in the campus. The short trip to ramoji,city tour etc helped us in strengthening the bond between us.

    Coming to the food, it was very hygienic & good ‘in the same taste’.But I do acknowledge that they tried their best,they even made pani puri for us a day. We got really happy.Managing so many girls,serving them panipuri, I believe they need a pat on their back.

    I feel every CA Student should go for this training without giving a second thought.Its totally worth the money. It has benefitted me immensely. It has helped in imbibing confidence in me. Overall,It was an ‘AWESOME’ experience.

    1. Great! Glad that you had the time of your life at COE. I can relate to all the things you have mentioned (except the best batch thing :-P). You had a pretty large batch, ours was of only 30 guys. So, i guess, that would have added to the fun.

      Its a woderful thing to have your friend circle spread across India. You get to know about things from various perspectives. So keep your contacts live and whenever possible plan meets with them.

      All the best! :-)

    2. Hey Sayanthi and Of course Sarthak..
      Amazing blog.. I must say.
      I read all of your conversations in excitement as I registered myself an hour ago for the programme.
      Apart from all the informations and experiences you guys have shared, I wish to know a few more things.. It’ll be great if you people reply for the same.

      1. Are there any chances for not getting short listed due to over-applicants ?
      2. What’s the required attire for girls ?
      3. Anything I should pre-plan or arrange for making the most of this programme ?
      4. In how much time will I get the confirmation for selection/non selection?
      5. I am a intro vert, will I face problem ?

      Waiting for your replies :)
      Have a good day.

    3. Hi Prachi. Thanx for the appreciation.
      I guess Sayanti has already answered your questions. I will just say that go and enjoy yourself. Though, i dont want to raise your expectation bar too high, bit its going to be lifefime of an experience. Let yourself lose. Be open. And you will find yourself doing things which you never thought of.
      Make the most of it. Make friends. Listen and share.

      And yes, don’t forget to share your experience!
      All the best :)

    4. Hi Sayanti,

      I had just appeared for my final examinations this May. Now, this residential program seems to be worth spending(after reading these stories).
      I just want to know whether this benefited in your career aspect?

    5. Hey Sayanti..
      Guess you had a lot of fun at COE. I m registered for upcoming batch starting on 29.06.17. Have to report on 28th…
      Please can you help me about what all I should carry with me for this month long training.
      Any important docs.?
      Any thing that is not available on campus.? Are there any general provisional stores on campus for daily needs.?
      Never seen hostle life before so don’t really know how to handle it.!

  9. Hi Prachi

    Registering with COE is one of the best decision a CA student can take. Now just sit back & count the days left to experience the magnificent days at COE

    Chances are very rare that one would not be selected for the applied batch as explained in theories of this residential program;probably ICAI has created provision saying that if batches are full you won’t be selected.
    I didn’t came across any girl from both the batches of my time,who had reapplied or who had to wait for vacancy.
    Now if myriads of girls start applying,getting positively influenced by Mr. Sarthak’s blog,then may be….. ;)
    Don’t worry,you will get your confirmation within 2-3days.

    Regarding dress code,one should go strictly formal. formal shirts and trousers,kurtis & salwars are also considered as formals. After few days,we were asked not wear even sleeveless kurtis :p so sleeveless not allowed. Some girls were even being poked for wearing cropped trousers,which are otherwise formal. So try to go as formal as possible……Happy Shopping :)

    Plan about how to enjoy the days to the fullest,that’s it. Everything will be taken care by them. There is no need to study something beforehand for coe.

    And no dear,you wont face any problem. The program is designed in such a way that it will bring the best in you.
    Coe makes learning a delightful experience.
    You will have some of the best days of your life.

    Hope it helps you :) :) :)

    1. Thanks a lot Sayanti!
      Looking forward to the programme.
      Will surely share my experience post completion.

      Take Care.

    2. My blog is not that famous yet. Though with level on enquiries I am getting for coe, it might become very soon. :-P

      But till that time, I doubt if there is going to be a case of over-application.

  10. You are welcome Prachi,
    One more thing,we were asked to wear below the knee length attire,after the class timings. So,as per rules,shorts were not allowed in the campus.

    Further according to me,to get the best out of the program,be participate as much as you can,do whatever the faculties ask to do. we shouldn’t think like ‘Kya hoga ye karke?’ because the faculties are very efficient, excellent trainers. They know how to bring out our better version.
    Go with an open mind. Follow their advice and just rock the program.

    All the best and do post your experience here in this epic blog of Sarthak. :)

    Take care

    1. Sure! Thanks for all those informations again. It helped a lot. I shall consider everything you said. Will have to shop the required attire ;)


    2. Shorts not allowed in campus! Lol. No matter how wonderful a program they may degisn, certain thinga can never change at ICAI’s end.
      Did u girls actually follow this rule?

    3. Hey Prachi
      I am glad that I could help you nominally…feel free to ask any query(provided we are aware of the same :p) about coe to either Sarthak or me :)

      Take care

  11. Hey sarthak u seem to entice so many ppl by your writing
    My question is for prachi priya, have u received the confirmation already.. I have applied yesterday and will post the form today..
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed! So wanna go and have the fun we miss out on in CA preparations:)

    1. Hey Srishti..
      Yeah, it’s gonna be fun!
      I haven’t received the confirmation yet. Though when I called BOS for a query.. they said they’ll mail the confirmations asap! I felt it’ll take a week at least.
      Accha, do u know what ‘Batch Number’ ours is ? To fill in the form.

      Thanks Sarthak .. The comment section in this article of ur blog more seems like girls group!

  12. Yes I received it too prachi priya on 17th itself :) yay!!! Batch is in June .. But ya can I have ur number plz. Would like to have a chat before we finally go☺️
    If u feel ok u can email it to me- :) thanks to all u guys
    Got a Good boost up before my final exams:)

  13. I just needed to know one more thing, do we get to take cell phones along? How do we speak to mom n dad from there if not?

    1. Of course Srishti you can carry cell phones.
      Though there are some network issues in some rooms of hostel, so you will have to chose your room carefully.
      But that’s not a big deal.

    2. Hi,

      I am Namita from Delhi and I applied for June Batch and got the confirmation mail. Would like to know if there are folks travelling from delhi. Maybe we can coordinate. My mail is and my no is 9313639617.

  14. Well hello there people,
    …..I guess somebody’s got to.buck the trend here. Anyways, Mahesh here…. I’ll be attending the May batch at Coe. Just can’t wait for it to.start……..!!!
    Sarthak great writing !! U dabble in poetry by any chance??

    1. Hey Mahesh! How is ur batch going? I have heard that you guys are having swimming pool in working condition. Lucky you!

      And poetry, not even by chance.

      Are you a poet? I will suggest you to follow CADiaries ( There might be some opportunities for you.

  15. Hello Guys, This blog is surely going to help innumerable. Thanks sarthakg.
    I have registered for coe 25th june batch. I wish to get connected Srishti khemani and Prachi Priya.
    I have not still received any confirmation from ICAI. guys pls advise me what should i do. It’s almost 2 weeks i registered but have not get any response. waiting for your response. Sristi, Priya lets get conected.

    1. Hi Pooja. 2 weeks is a long time. I will suggest you to give ICAI a call, because you, i guess, need to make travelling arrangements also.
      Hopefully, you will get it soon. All the best for the batch and do update once you get the confirmation :)

  16. Hey Pooja, I think you are late in registering. The announcement has been made weeks back on 13th April; We applied and got the confirmation within 2-3 days.
    Still I would suggest to make a call at BOS, ICAI at this number 0120-3045935. Call them early morning. And in case they don’t receive the call.. Then Mail at

  17. hi guys..
    pls help :
    Can we do gmcs 2 aft completion of articleship training ?
    My training getting over in Sep’15 and i’m appearing for nov’15 attempt.
    Thanks in advance :)

  18. Hi sarthak,
    This review definitely was helpful for me to fill the form for the residential GMCS. Have read quite a few of your blogs, you write real good.
    I have got into the 25th July batch of GMCS. Just wanted to know, how frequently can we go out of the campus? Is it that we have to be inside the campus all the time? Is sneaking out possible, for like about half an hour or so?

    1. Hi harshvardhan.

      Thanks for the appreciation.

      Officially, you are allowed to move out form the campus only on 4 weekly offs. On ther days, you have classes till 5, after that you are supposed to stay in campus only. However, there might be some relatives whom you want to visit or some interview or to get a haircut or for any other excuse, you may seek permission to go out.

      Btw, I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time at COE. All the very best! And do share your experience here.

      Alternatively, you may share your experiences at

  19. Dear Sarthak,
    I must say ur blog has quite a handful of information about GMCS @COE and furthermore regular participation from ur end updates it at time. I came across your blog prior to my exams, but I couldn’t spare time to partake. I’m aware about COE from inception of my article ship period and since then I was determined to make my move. From the view of professional evolution, experiences shared herein affirms my move. I’m looking forward to it.

    @Harshvardhan, I will be on board at COE in the upcoming batch commencing from 25th of the month.
    Help me with your contact detail to reach out to u

    1. Hi Mayank!

      Same was my case. Since my articleship began, it was clear that I have to attend the residential program. At that time it was for 6 weeks. But then, it was reduced to 4.

      Thanks for the appreciation. Are you done with your 4 weeks program? Do share your experience!

  20. Well just going thru the experiences shared above makes me more and more excited about the program! I have enrolled for the upcoming batch commencing from 25th , looking forward to meet you guys @Harshvardhan @MayankAgr .
    PS: Sarthak great deed with thy blog! Thumbs up bro !

  21. I was Really searching for such an blog ,which i finally got. It took 30min to go through entire blog, but surely a best on e,it changed my mind completely and now i have also made mind for doing residential programme. thans everyone

  22. Hi SG,
    After reading your this blog I had decided to register myself for the programme. But there is one big obstacle in front of me i.e the manner of making payment via credit card or net banking. I havnt any of the option… Can somebody help me out pleassse??? If possible

    1. Ask some of your neighbour or family frnds if they have it. U can take their help and pay them in cash. Don’t miss the opportunity. Applying for nov 15?

    2. Hi VA
      Making payment online should not be a big issue. As Kriti suggest, ask any of your neighbour or family friend. Instead, get the net banking activated. It hardly takes a day.

      All the best. :)

  23. Hi Kriti

    Confirmation generally takes 2-3 days. But sometimes, it does get delayed. I will suggest you to give a call to ICAI to know the status of your application.

    All the best and do share your COE experience once you are through.

    1. Thank u sarthak. I will surely share all my experiences. Just waiting for their reply since I have to get all the flight bookings done. I have my exams in November to I hardly have time. It was my dream since I came in ca final to go to coe. And I also wished that my result doesnt come while I m there. I m soo happy that it all happened as I thought it too be. I just wish i get the confirmation soo so that I get my bookings and focus on my exams only..

  24. Hey sarthak.
    Was searching for a blog which culd tell me more about coe…n i must say that u ol hav explained much more than i could i hav ask for…thqq:) bt still i have a doubt that as i am from punjab i need to book air tickets…so i just wantd to inquire that if program is ending on 23rd dec..can i leave on 24th dec?? As that wuld be more feasibl opt for me..

    1. Hi sukhpreet. U can stay one nite. Even I will get my bookings done for 24th dec. Have you received the confirmation?

    2. Hey kriti.
      Thanks for the info. No I hav enrolled myself for progrm today only aftr confrmng tht we can leav on 24th… Hav u got d confirmation?

  25. hey.. pls rpl fast.. i hav applied for the programme yesterday n dey hav askd to send the document at
    so do i need to send it after getng it signed by my principal? n watz d batch no which is being conducted from 26th nov to 23rd dec?

    1. Hi Sukhpreet.

      I guess, your question has already been answered and by now you would have received the confirmation.

      All the best for your COE experience. Hope you have great time and please do come back here to share your experiences.

    1. I am very soon going to demand a cut from ICAI against every referral!
      Btw, I must thank you too for answering questions of others too, hence, reducing my work.

      I believe, by now you have received your confirmation.
      Please, do come back to blog once you join the program to share your experiences.

      All the best for your exams.

  26. Hello Sarthak!

    Thank you for the informative post. It was really helpful. Could you please just tell a bit about the faculties that train the students, because personally I feel the one thing that really lacks in conventional GMCS batches is the quality of faculties, with most of them being freelancers which makes the course irrelevant.
    So could you please tell something more about the faculties?
    Also, do they have actual interactions about campus placements, salary negotiations, fund raising and more?

    Really appreciate your help!

    1. Hi Deepak

      Answering your first question, barring few, most of the faculties at COE are professional of their fields. You will have motivational speakers, management gurus, personality developers who have a vast experience in that area. CA faculties are limited, which is a good thing.

      I didn’t get you second question clearly. You have mock interviews and presentations where you have to sell your idea to investors; but no direct campus placements or any actual interaction with investors. Does this answer you question?

  27. Hey Kriti, sukhpreet , Sonal Bhatia

    Guys i am also joining you guys for the same batch which commences from 26th November to 23rd December.I got my confirmation yesterday. Lets all be in touch so that we can share each other with any information thats help. Currently we all mite be busy with Final preps. stay connected. U guys can reach me at will love to hear from u guys.

    1. Hi Pooja

      Congrats for joining COE. Trust me, you are going to have a time of your lifetime. Utilize it to your max.

      All the best for your exams :)

  28. Thanks a lot sarthak. Guys like u create awareness which should definitely get rewarded. I m looking forward to make your blog more visible online which helps more ppl. keep doing good work. long way to go. God bless.

  29. hi u all this is my first time to b there ……….i am also registered myself for upcoming bayc

    h for women at coe…..hope we all make fun at there…..kriti,prachi,pooja………from where u all from ….i m from jaipur rajasthan….

  30. hello everyone…

    Me too also joining the same batch ( 26 nov 2015 to 23 dec 2015) and got the confirmation…
    I hope we all will surely make 4 weeks ” THE BEST FOUR WEEKS” of our life..
    All the best for exams…(y)
    see u all at COE ..:-)

    Thanks a lot sarthak, its because of ur blog i m convinced and also able to convince my two friends to join the same…

    we will definately share our experience at blog..

    U can contact me on

    lets be in touch…:-)

  31. Hey Sarthak!
    My frnd sent me link to this blog. Nice job! Though I couldn’t read d entire thing, except d Intro part. I just want to experience it on my own. And I will soon, in upcoming Nov Batch. Yay! :)

    And Hi girls!
    I’m from Chandigarh. Super excited to meet to u all. I’m sure we gonna hv a blast in Hyd. I knw currently we all r busy with exams. So Study hard and Gud luck to u all. And let’s catch up after d exams.
    This is my mail/Hangout ID-
    Keep in touch. :)
    Ciao! 37days to go…. ;)

    1. Not a bad thing to not read the blog. It will keep the excitement level high. But pkease do come back later and share your own experiences.

      So many girls would be knowing me in the coe batch. I am feeling like a celebrity! ;-)

    2. Hahaha yes! At least we’ll have 1common person to talk about. ;)

      Sure we’ll share our experience! But first we’ve to prepare for d most dreadful exams. It’s hard to concentrate now with hyd & coe on my mind.

  32. Gals you all will definitely have a great time at Coe…all the best…create bonds,make memories…

    N Mr.Sarthak Goyal. Herr goes the 100th comment on your blog..its party time ;)
    ( celebration of feeling like celebrity ;) ;) )

    1. 100 comments! Yes. That that calls for the party. But considering that maximum comments (in terms of numbers of words) have been yours, you will have to contribute for it. :-)

    2. & I did contribute in our fruit cake party.

      BTW, a very Happy new year ;) ;) ;)
      (111th comment!!!)

  33. N please all come back and share your experiences here…it feels good to hear about coe….we can re-live our days as such…

    See you soon

  34. Hii Sarthak.
    It was really great to read your amazing experience at the COE,Hyderabad.It has indeed filled me with much expectations to be a part of such a program ahead during the course of time.
    But,I have a few basic things to clarify at first:-
    1.What is actually the purpose behind such an initiative taken by ICAI for the students.Is it similar to the Orientation programmes or GMCS???
    2.When should one ideally be a part of such a program?

    I am about to begin my articleship very soon…so should I think about it now?
    I am eagerly waiting for your next blog of COE.

  35. Hello Sarthak sir… After reading your blog, I m finding that this residential programme is something exciting nd fruitful. But I m just an average student, belonging to a small part of the country… Do u think it’s good fr me to join???????

    1. Hie Ramasha..
      I am too from very small town in Chhattisgrah.
      I did this program this June.
      And the most amazing realisation was that We all being so so different on our backgrounds.. Were all the same! Same in few really imp matters.

      So don’t worry.
      Just go ahead!

  36. I have 2 probs,

    I have stammering problem,so i am damn nervous to join co,as it relates to public speaking skills n all so…..

    I am reserve minded also

    What u guys think ! I should do !

  37. Hi Sarthak,
    Very informative blog. Thanks to people to like you who use this amazing platform to help others . I had just seen that the next batch is starting from 23rd May 2016 and since I am preparing for my Group 2 exams presently is it possible that I get a seat if I register on 16th May 1 week before the batch start date? Or should I spare some time now to complete the formalities?

    1. Hi Kabir

      I am not sure if you will be able to a seat in a week’s time as they need to arrange everything in time. However, if you are lucky, then you may get at that time also.
      Sparing time for formalities at this time, wont also be a good idea.

      Your call, I will say.

  38. Amazing blog buddy!!! Simply super…..
    After going through the amazing experiences and reviews shared here, I had made up my mind to not MISS this……have registered for the batch starting on May 23 and got the confirmation too!!!:)
    Looking forward to d 4 weeks of fun & learning….
    #excited #thecountdownbegins

  39. hey Sarthak, reading your blog I’m pretty convinced that to enroll for this program is the best decision I have made. Thanks alot for sharing your experience. Anyone up for the upcoming batch starting 26th June?

  40. heyyy sarthak!! Ur blog is amazinggg!! Reading your blog has removed all my doubts as to whether I should have registered for the same or not ! Thanks a ton for such a great help !!
    @sukriti..heyyy I am registered for the batch starting on 26th June !!
    I am from Chandigarh !
    Anyone else there for the same batch ?
    U can e-mail me at —

    1. Hey hiii Sukriti and Monika..Its Anuja from Mumbai..I have registered for the same batch…Looking forward to meet you…:)
      @ Sarthak thanks for sharing your experience..they make you doubt free…n inspire you to go for something new!

  41. Hey man… Ur article is amazing… Helped me alot in making my mind for the course

    Got confirmation for 30th july batch.. Anyone from delhi side… You can contact me… We can coordinate our flights
    Email me

  42. Hey man ur article is amazing..helped me a lot in making up my mind regarding the course..
    Got confirmation for 30th July Batch…

    Anyone from delhi can contact me….we can coordinate our flights…
    Email me :-

  43. Hey Sarthak,
    It’s Ram Sharma recently cleared my CA Final in first attempt and now want to go for COE.
    I have gone through ur Blog, its awesome, i felt like i went through the training……… much detailed discussion.
    But my problem is that all hve mentioned that we will definitely have fun there & 3 star Hostel (Actually Hotel) bt wht abt faculties… and knowledge wise is it worthing to pay Rs. 40,000.
    or else we will have fun or gaming zone type environment

    1. In normal GMCS, you have faculty from your local area and many of them are Chartered Accountants who are more interested in their PR than actually, imparting knowledge (That’s what I have heard from my friends).

      In COE, you have the best of faculties from across the country and those are not merely Chartered Accountants, but many of them are renowned management gurus/ public speakers across India and in some cases, at international level also. Hence, even if we remove all the facilities and fun, in my opinion, it is still worth it.

      Rest, it depends upon individual i.e. how much one actually wants to learn.

  44. Hello Sarthak,

    I am really keen on attending the residential program. i knew this course was good but after reading your blog i am 100% sure this will be an amazing experience. I went to boarding school so i know what hostel life is like, i must say I miss it.
    I needed something to convince my dad to spend 40k on a course, your blog and everyone else’s experience is just what’s gonna help me.
    i am so glad i found this.

    1. Hi Mandvi,

      I am sure experience of everyone in the comments will convince your dad. Also, do share your experience once you are there. It always is amazing to read experience of others and to relive the merry times we had there.

  45. Hi Sarthak
    It is indeed a much convincing blog. I applied for the Nov batch and had received the confirmation. Initially I was nervous as Hyderabad is far away and going to a distant place was stopping me. But then after reading your and others experience there I applied without thinking much. So thanks to all. If anyone has also joined Nov batch, do reply.

    1. Hey shreya i was wondering whethr to gt myself registered for coe bt dis block fully convinced me nd thankx to all who contributed in blog nd special thnkx to the blog owner ;)
      Could you u please fetch me ur contact no. In mah inbox mail ( I really want to be part of upcoming batch.
      Cn i pay 20% amt nd get myself registered for residential program? Plz rep asap becoz 25th oct z last date for registration.
      Thankx in advance.

  46. Hi Shreya,

    I have also applied for the Nov batch along with another friend of mine. We are from Delhi. Where do you put up?
    Eagerly waiting for November end now.

  47. Hi mandvi,
    Thanks for replying.
    I am from saharanpur, UP. I am also waiting for exams to over soon. When will u nd ur friend will leave for Hyderabad? It will be great if u could share ur no. (shreyagupta641@gmailcom)

    1. What a coincidence Shreya. I have stayed in Saharanpur for like 4 years.
      We are leaving on 24th. We have a morning flight.

    2. Hi shreya and mandvi,
      I hv also registered for nov batch n m from Mumbai.
      I hv morning flight on 24th, n if possible we can meet at airport.
      Pls share me ur no. so we can coordinate.(

    3. Hii Shreya and mandvi
      I hv also registered fr nov batch..pls share ur no ( so we can coordinate.

  48. Hey sarthak
    Really your blog is doing a great job.
    Clearing our doubts about the programme and also helping us to know others beforehand.
    Thanks man.

  49. Hey Sarthak
    I’m from delhi
    When i searched for coe, the first thing came was your blog. No doubt it is helping so many people and you actually solved so many queries as well. and i really appreciate your effort. I have also get myself registered for the upcoming batch in November 2016 after reading your blog. But while i was going through the queries, i found that you have mentioned that students with residential programme do not get any preference over other students during placements.
    I totally agree that the people across the world are going to train, but few of my friends got the training from delhi center and they were equally satisfied.
    My major concern for joining this programme was that after completing my course i’ll get a preference in placement just like the one who complete their articleship from Big 4’s or who had undergone for industrial training gets.
    And i have already done a personality development course. So what are the benefits i’ll get apart from grooming and GD’s, coz i had convinced my parents for this programme saying that this will be beneficial in placement.
    I hope you will resolve my query as well.
    Thanx once again

  50. Hey Sarthak
    I really appreciate your effort.
    After reading your blog i also get myself registered for this programme. But while i was going through the queries posted by some people i found that you have mentioned that students with residential programme do not get preference over other students during placement.
    Please, help me as i’m confused and thinking to cancel my registeration. As few of my friends who have completed their GMCS from Delhi were equally satisfied. On top of that i have already done a personality development course. So what else apart from Fun, Comm skills and GD’s we’ll get in COE.
    Please help me in resolving my query as i had convinced my parents saying that this programme will help me in my placements, Just the way students who had done their articleship from BIG 4’s or who had undergone for industrial training gets.

  51. Hi sarthak!
    I am dhwani from goa.
    I have registered for the november batch this year, and honestly im concerned over just one thing, do they provide laundry services?
    Your blog is one of the main reasons i am doing this, thank you … please do reply :)

    1. Hi Dhwani.

      They have automated washing machines and iron. Also, they can arrange for laundry service, if required. However, that would be chargeable.

  52. Hey Sarthak, Your Blog Is really helpful !
    Brother I Am still confused whether i should go for this upcoming batch or not.? Please Help .!

    Is There Anyone Who is going for this batch starting from 27th Dec 2016 ?

    1. Hi Mayank.

      What exactly is your confusion? I mean why are you considering not to attend?

      Regarding the cost, I believe it is worth it. Though, if you are looking for any direct benefit, like any kind of edge or preference in interview, then you may not get it. There would be indirect benefit as you would be better prepared for interviews.

      And of course, it is much better than any GMCS course.

  53. Hey Sarthak ThankYou For responding !
    Yeah i am talking about these indirect benefits only .
    I have a stage fear, Fear Of Public speaking, And want to overcome all these .
    So i think i should go.

    Hey vivek , Check Ur Inbox !

    1. Then, you must go for sure.
      Unfortunately, in our CA curriculum there is very less focus on personality development. But this, course can help you to overcome this.

      Personally, I myself is not an extrovert person. But there, I got the opportunity to speak on stage, participate in group discussion, interact with so many people of different backgrounds. Not just the course, but having people from across the country will be the real learning experience.

  54. what will be the dress code for summer’s (may batch ),how we can get to know about the next batch ? as no info on icai website for next batch!

    1. Hi Sanchit

      You are supposed to be formally dressed with blazer not a necessity but highly recommended. Classrooms are airconditioned, so weather would not be a big deal.

  55. Hi Sarthak.

    * Could you please tell me when can I get to know those four pre decided days of getting an off ? I need to coordinate with my relative who too shall be there in the town around that time.
    * Also, is the food served there purely vegetarian or both? And, are we allowed to carry few food items with us?
    * Also, do ICAI provide any conveyance facility to pick up and drop participants from and to the airport ?
    * Also, Don’t they provide ironing facilities there? (since you mentioned you learnt how to iron your clothes there!) Although I’m pretty sure about the laundry service.

    Hoping for a reply soon.

    1. Hi Sanskriti

      We got to know about those 4 off days only once we reached there. You can try to call them and ask them about it, though it is unlikely that they would have had the time table freezed in advance. Alternatively, you can meet your relatives after 5 PM on any day as the classes do get over by then.

      The food was veg (as far as I can remember). You can, of course bring in the outside or can order food, including non-veg, from any restaurant. We used to order from Dominos whenever we didnt like the mess food. Cold drinks are strictly prohibited though.

      There are no conveyance facility provided by ICAI. You can easily book an ola or uber from airport.

      They don’t have any ironing or laundry facility, but if you will ask them, they will arrange someone from outside. Though, we preferred to do it ourselves. There were automated washing machines and iron in the common area.

      Btw, when are you planning to go?

    2. Okay that’s cool. Thankyou for the informations. They were pretty much helpful. I have already registered myself for this month batch. In case of any further query, I shall definitely get back to your blog! 😎

    3. Hie Sanskriti

      I am also interested in joining this June batch.
      So, have you already registered or yet to get it done?

    4. I’m so sorry for the late reply. Yes I got myself registered at the start of this month.

  56. Hey Sarthak!
    Great blog brother.
    Really excited to join Coe and experience the stuff you guys have mentioned.
    I have a query. Please help me with it.
    I have made the online payment for the upcoming batch from 27th December 2017 but haven’t received any acknowledgement or a form that I need to send or anything of the sort.
    So do I need to do anything other than payment which I’ve already done or should I wait for their correspondence .
    Please guide me through the process.

  57. Hey Sarthak,
    Your experience is really making me more excited for the programme now! I’ve been selected for November batch and I’ve certain queries. Can I get your email address?

    1. Hi Kritika, apologies for the late response. Have been out of blogging for a while. I don’t think so that you would still be requiring my email id.

      How was your coe experience?

  58. Hey sarthak
    I am from haryana and i m still confused to go for residential training or prfer to do mcs at delhi.
    Comsidering the fact that i do not have that much stage fearand equipped with average comm. skills.
    will the batch be worth joining as icai has increased the fees to 60000/- or i should take mcs batch in delhi. I am very confused.
    please help me out in it

    1. Hi Naveen
      The program is not only about improving the communication skill, but overall grooming for the professional world including working on your soft skills. Plus it is about interacting and living with people from across India, which helps a lot in widening the horizon of thoughts.

      From 40k to 60k is a steep increase in cost, though considering the facilities and expense, it is, in my opinion was long due.

      Now the big question is- is it worth 60k? Well, there is no straight answer. I would say that if you are fortunate enough to afford it, then it is worth it. I am not sure if I will recommend anyone to put stress on their family’s finance for this course.

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