Rail Fare Hike? Not Everyone is Unhappy!

So the rail fares have been hiked by 14.2%. Now you will have to pay higher to travel in ‘ache din’ express.

If you thought there is going to be anger and protest from every one of society, then you might be wrong because there are people for whom this decision is a boon.

Who are those people? Lets meet them and find out what they have to say about rail fares hike.

1. Ratan Tata– Thank you modi ji! Now no one can stop my airline from touching new heights. Come passengers, travel in AirAsia, at the same prices of train.

2. Ticket Offenders– People travelling without ticket are the happiest lot because their savings by travelling without ticket have gone up by 14.2%.

3. Parents– For last few years, it was recession, global warming or Congress, which acted as the best excuse for not taking your children to holidays. But now parents have got a brand new excuse in fare hike.

4. Soccer maniacs– Spain and England are out in group stage only and you want us to worry about petty issues like train fares? By the time, TV channel doesn’t increase its subscription rate, I am happy with any other hike. Goal! Goal! Gooooaaaaaalllll!!!!

5. India TV– Well! Its a decision by Modi Government. Mr. Modi can never be wrong. Fare hike is for the betterment of the nation. Money collected from tickets will be used by Modiji in India’s development. What great thinking by Modiji. Modiji, you are the best. Modi ji is the God. Modiji, one more interview, please!

6. IRCTC IT Team– If you can’t increase the servers for website, increase the fare! Demand will automatically reduce and hence, daily downtime for website can be reduced from 23 hrs to 22 hrs post fare hike. Mothers and sisters of IT technicians can now get relief from constant hiccups.

7. Monsoon– Thankfully now the blame of inflation can be shifted from weak monsoon towards rail fare hike.

8. Rahul Gandhi– A person who can grin even after such a disastrous performance by his party in elections, a rail fare hike is surely not going to make him unhappy.

9. English Training Centers– With pro-hindi propaganda of new government, these institutes were disappointed. Now, with this hike of 14.2%, their ache din are back. However, they are yet to figure out that its increase in ‘train’ fares, not ‘training’.

10. Train driver– As he does not have to pay for travelling by train.


Author: sarthakg

A terrible dancer, an abrasive singer and a Chartered Accountant, Sarthak Goyal has been penning his mind through the blog ‘Something. Nothing. Everything’ since 2009. In whatever little time he gets away from sleep, he works for his venture, DTHConnect.com.

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