Is it a Sin Not to Look for a Start Up, and Be Satisfied with your Job?

StartUp is the new fad!

I am 24. I am working in a corporate. The company is paying me decent amount. I am satisfied with my job profile. I get 2 offs every week and I am able to maintain work-life balance. Should I still be dis-satisfied and look for a start up?

I remember my school days, when IT boom had just started in India and all of a sudden young graduates were getting hefty packages. Suddenly, “job” became a new fad. The sons and daughter of rich businessmen were also opting for jobs to establish themselves as self made individuals. But by the time I grew up and settled with a job, there was a new term in market, “start up”.

StartUp is the new fad!

Everyone was talking about start up. There were articles online, web series on it, seminars, groups and what not. All my friends were engaged or planning to start a start up. Few days ago, the same job which was giving me everything- money as well as satisfaction- all of a sudden became the biggest burden of my life. I started hating myself for wasting my time in this monotonous job.  Now, all I knew was that I wanted to become an “entrepreneur” like a Birla or Tata. I had ideas- one, two, many- each one having one common theme, e-commerce. But, how I was going to  proceed- I had no idea. All I knew was that I wanted to have a start up because jobs are for the losers. But are jobs really for losers, as envisaged to us?

Today, I am earning well enough to feed my tummy and my family. But they ask me about my creative appetite. According to them, if I am a civil engineer, its not buildings which is his passion. If I am a Chartered Accountant, its not auditing and consultancy which will providing me contentment. However, a start up in which I won’t be doing anything related to my educational qualification, will give me creative satisfaction. Is this your idea of following your passion?

Jobs give you more chances to apply, in real world, what you have learnt in those many year. Still if one is not contend, jobs give you time to devote to yourself. You can join a workshop on weekends, volunteer in a NGO, read books during commuting and can plan expeditions to your favourite places. In start ups, there are no concepts of working hours, weekends or vacations. Its 24X7 throughout the year. Even on a trip, you will be spending half of your time on phone. Still you call start up as the ‘only’ option?

In my current job, I am earning well enough to take care of my parents old age needs as well as ensuring my own future. I can take my wife for shopping twice a week. I can donate money for charity. But for them, this is not enough. They want me to be the Rahul Yadav or Sachin Bansal. But what if I want to be Indra Nooyi or Satya Nadella?

Here, I would like to make it clear that I am neither pro-job, nor pro-start up. However, I am against all those articles and that ideology which glorifies start up and paint a picture of jobs as if they are meant only for non-creative, boring and dumBored with 9 to 5 job? Lets go for startup!b people. There can be a guy who loves the corporate culture, and there can be another who may feel suffocated in the cubical. The choice of career can vary with persons.

Just because all your friends and office colleagues are looking for a start up, it doesn’t mean that you should also. Evaluate what you want. Is it only your unwillingness to work or incapability to cope with work pressure, that is driving you to start up? May be all you need is a job change, because with start up, work pressure and tensions are going to multiply several times. By no means, it’s an escape route or any short-cut to success.

Also, it’s perfectly OK to spend whole of your life in a job. Be proud of your work. If you are able to take care of yourself and your family, you are doing a more than decent job.

Tu beer hai!“. Let yourself flow, but sometimes, its better to know if you are going inside a beer mug or a tea cup.


Author: sarthakg

A terrible dancer, an abrasive singer and a Chartered Accountant, Sarthak Goyal has been penning his mind through the blog ‘Something. Nothing. Everything’ since 2009. In whatever little time he gets away from sleep, he works for his venture,

3 thoughts on “Is it a Sin Not to Look for a Start Up, and Be Satisfied with your Job?”

  1. Hi Sarthak,

    I would like to second your thought. But before proceeding I must tell, like you even i am neither against job or nor against startup.
    Both of them have their pros & cons. Both requires knowledge,determination and hard work. I mean when someone is hired by an organisation,they are being paid an hefty amount only because they are capable of handling the responsibilities given to them. So they are definitely not a loser by any means.
    I have heard this,’in startup we can be our own boss,while in job we have to work under someone else’;but then I think,even if we are the boss,are we really free to do whatever we want?there are rules and regulations to be adhered to. legal political and what not. In startup,the whole responsibility is on the founder,hence i feel it amounts to more restrictions. and as you say,i agree its a 24*7 job.

    I believe, startup became the fad in the scenario where IT companies were hiring engineers,they may be electrical,mechanical or chemical. I mean, come on,a person who studied switches and circuits for 4 years and then landing up a job to learn how to create a programme..or in another case where engineers are hired by banks.or in case CAs or CMAs are hired for IT related work;just to name a few.
    What i mean to say is that ,in these scenarios people are doing the rut in order to earn money & not working on something what they actually love or are interested in. When someone is pursuing education in a certain field and then doing a work which is completely off track. I believe in such situation startup is a good option where people come out with innovative ideas which is more fulfilling to work for rather than doing a 9-5job.

    If one’s creativity,interest is fulfilled in a job, then it isn’t a bad option either. What i believe,that yes, if I have an unique idea,which if I do will make a huge impact in the society,which I am not able to do in my 9-5 job,and the most important that the idea is something i am passionate about,i would love to do,it interest me,then startup is appropriate; or in case one is not happy with the corporate culture,start up is definitely a boon for them.As you said start up is not a shortcut to success.

    What if today start up is in fad,& after 5-6 years,again a well paid job becomes the trend as it provides with a good work life balance.

    Earning money is not the only aim in our life. The ulterior aim of our life is to be happy. Do whatever gives you the utmost happiness.
    As it is said,’work your passion and you never have to work ever in your life’. Do whatever makes you the happiest. :)

    1. Hi sayanti
      I could not have agreed with you more. You infact completed my article. While I tried to put the point that it’s ok to continue with the job if you are happy with it. You completed it, by pointing out the why a person thinks about quitting a job.

      Personally, I myself has more inclination towards business or startup, whatever you may want to call it. But, I am not anti-jobs which many of articles we read on startups try to present. This article was for such articles.

      Leaving a job for start up sounds very cool in the current scanerio, but it is not so. Start up are a lot more frustrating than jobs. Even if I keep the money factor aside, start ups may not be as fulfilling as you expect it to be. You may end up doing something different than what you have learnt or you may have to make a lot of compromises with your dreams.

      Be prepared for the worst. Still if your heart says startup, go for it!

      P.S.: There is a differencr betwen heart saying no to jobs and heart saying yes to starup.

      Thanks for replying.
      Keep commenting :-)

      And my apologies for the dealy in reply.

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