The End is Coming

No m nt leaving blogging. Today is my Last Class of Spoken English Skill at British Council in CP (dont underestimate the course through my English, it is actually a superb course). Course duration was of a month only, but it has helped me a lot in boosting up my confidence (no, m nt confident nouf 2 challenge Obama in english speaking!). Apart frm that, it was also a fun-filled xperience. It was like a trailor of college.. hey m getting late 4 the class!! i dont want 2 miss the last class!! More on it soon!

Keep reading, Keep Commenting!!

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Finally curtains are down


Wat 2 and wat nt 2 xpect from here

Fst review on my fst post is yet 2 cum (it might just cum as i m writing this). But i kno how itz goin 2 b. But even tendulkar scored a DUCK on his debut ;)

I myself felt that i shud make a lil bit clear that wat u can and wat u shudnt xpect here!

Fst of all xpect a lot of cricket (evident frm live score and IPL standing widgets). Frm time 2 time u will also hav 2 bear wid my Philosophies of life (i hav many!!). Along wid them ther r goin 2 b posts on politics, TV, bollywood… and many oder things. And of course, u will cum 2 kno more about me, my life, my likes-dislikes. And ther r also goin 2 b Guest Posts by my frndz.

And wat not 2 xpect? Actually even i dont hav any answer. At time u will find me quite serious on sum topics, u may also get sum useful as well as sum interesting info. But most of the times, the posts will reflect my laid-back attitude towards life

In the end, in case if sum1 is actually reading all my stuffs, then plzz comment. Appreciate me (ha ha..), suggest me, curse me, but plz COMMENT

Hey, fst review is out!!! and itz nt a duck (shit, i missed frm being a sachin).
Thnx a lot Sonal!!

My First Encounter

Even before I began, this BLOGGING forced me to add an extra K to my name. Thanks to some other sarthak who has already taken up this domain (and you thought my numerologist told me!!)

BTW I think I shud introduce myself (I really hate this part!! :x). My (new) name is sarthakk Goyal, has given my 12th board examz, commerce stream and is xpecting a good result (yes, m of that studious-wagon) and this is my fst stint wid Blogging.. more u will gradually cum 2 kno. Why to spill all the beans at one go?

Here u will find nothing special (which in itself is quite special, ryt? no!!) and I think I forgot 2 mention that apart from free MBs and Time, u will also hav 2 burn ur brains!! (but u can afford it, human beings r most intellingent creatures on this world!)

I think my fst post already has all ingredients 2 b the last also. So y to add more spice!!