Nationalism v/s Righteousness

So, finally we got the answer of Indian cinema’s biggest suspense, Why Katappa Killed Bahubali. While, most of us loved the movie, Bahubali-2 for its sheer grandeur, for me the most impressive part of the movie was the friction shown between Amrendra Bahubali and Rajmata Sivgami. Remember that courtroom scene where Sivgami gave Bahubali the option to either choose the girl or the throne. It wasn’t a choice between love and power; it was more than that.

Bahubali had no greed for the throne, but he was very well aware that the whole nation wanted to see him as their King. He was also cognizant about the fact that he is the most apt person to be the King and work for the wellness of all. For the sake of nation, choosing the throne was the apt option. On the other side, was Devasena, the girl Bahubali loved. Bahubali wouldn’t have thought even once to sacrifice his love for the nation or for the orders of Rajmata Sivgami. However, it wasn’t about love, it was about the self respect of a woman. It was about standing for the right, no matter against whom he has to stand.

We have a similar example in our religion, where a king has to chose between the nation and righteousness and he chose the nation, sending his wife into exile. Yes, I am talking about Lord Ram. Bahubali, however, chose to stand for the right.

Then, there was this another courtroom scene in the movie, where a pregnant Devasena was shackled in chain. Again, Bahubali chose to stand for the justice and questioned the constitution of the empire. He didn’t care on being labelled anti-national, but he chose to stand for the justice.

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Was he wrong in doing so? If not, then was Lord Ram wrong? Plus, don’t you think that it was Bahubali’s decision to not to choose nation first that ultimately led to the sufferings of all his people for 25 years. In order to save one woman, didn’t he put the lives and respect of thousands of women at stake, in the hands of Bhallaladeva?

And if Bahubali should have chosen the nation, would a person who can not stand on his words, can not stand for justice or a woman respect, had any moral standing to be the king? Can justice be overweight by anything else?