Understanding Accounts the politician way

Income– Kick backs, gunmen for security, bungalow, red beacons car, foreign picnics, money, money, money, money, and more money

Expenditure– Bottles of alcohol that are distributed for buying votes

ImageNon Current Asset– Votes received in the election whose benefits can be reaped for next 5 years.

Current Assets– Cash and gold kept in lockers and those deposited at swiss bank accounts.

Non-Current Liability– Flattering of party high command which a politician has to do for the whole lifetime.

Current Liability– The money and support received from criminals, religious gurus and businessman against which you have to grant favors to them on winning election.

Investment– Money paid in party fund for buying the right to contest election

Capital Loss– Losing an election

Contingent Liability– Chances of being caught in a sting operation or going to jail

Going Concern– The concept that no matter whether a politician goes to jail, no matter how severe charges are against him, no matter how old he becomes, he still remains a politician.

Joint Ventures– Running a coalition government where everyone is concerned only for themselves but pretends to be a team

Debit– MP and MLA of other parties joining your party.

Credit– MP and MLA of your parties joining the other party.

Balance Sheet– A paper on whose left hand side is the record of all the criminal cases against you and on right hand side is the total money in black and in white you have. More the number of cases, more the money, hence both sides are always balanced.

BRS– (vote)Bank Reconciliation Statement where total vote-bank is reconciled with actual number of votes received.

Earning per Share– Money looted from public for each vote given by them.


The Great Indian Tamashaa: Ramdev vs Government

What Baba Ramdev was doing wasn’t that blackmail? Or what government did wasn’t that un-democratic?

Right now, I am in a real confused state of mind. Its so much high voltage drama happening around over corruption and black money, and I as a citizen of India have no idea what stand should I take. What the government did by using force to end the Ramdev‘s satyagraha is certainly not right way. It’s barbaric! But what Ramdev was doing, was that right?

When Anna Hazarre began his satyagraha last month, he never intended to make it so large. But because of the support of the “general” public, it itself became so large. But here in case of Baba Ramdev, he had no public support. It was only his followers who were with him. And mind you, they all were supporters of “yog-guru” baba Ramdev, not of a social activist Ramdev. There is no strong public sentiment in favour of Ramdev. And thats the reason why government was able to act in such a manner. They couldn’t have even thought of detaining Anna Hazare, that would have just ignited the fire around the country.

But then at the same time, upto a certain extent, I am not even against Ramdev. Atleast what he is demanding- end of corruption- is not wrong and is by far better than issues raised by some political parties, like that of Marathi manush or the Ram mandir. And he was doing all this peacefully. May be using the public (ie his yog-followers) support to blackmail was not right. But then isn’t democracy all about power in the hands of public?

If the government felt that what Ramdev was doing was wrong, they should have put their point is front of public and let the public be the judge. Afterall, they are public elected government, so the public will support them, won’t they? And if you feel that public is not going to support you, then PLEASE RESIGN!

I think the real problem lies here only- the lack of trust! The public do not trust government. And why would they trust them when they have been betrayed so many times- be it the boforce case or the 2G scandal. Even in the case of Lokpal Bill, we have been hearing news of government betrayal.

What government needs is not to use force to succumb such movements, but to create an environment of trust where there is no need for such movements, where public don’t need to tell them what they should do- government should act themselves in favor of public! And this is when these satyagrahas or blackmail, whatever you call them, will eventually stop!

Last night was the night which clearly exposed in what democracy we are living today. What’s there to be seen is- When this night will end? when the nation will wake up?

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We Indians can NOT live Without Corruption

“50% Indians have bribed atleast once in their lifetime, rest 50% are below poverty line”

So the Anna Hazzare drama is finally, over. It was all so fun! Wish it would have continued for a little longer. But now we have more entertaining stuff to look over- it’s the IPL, dude!

This is the reality! If you think that we Indians have won a war against corruption or something, then stop fooling yourself. Won’t you bribe the traffic policeman now? You will! Corruption is in our very blood, and we just can’t live without it.

Out of the population of 1.21 billion, there were only 200 people sitting on anshan. Few thousands protesting at Jantar Mantar or Gateway of India. And some more tweeting or updating their facebook status or writing blog like this. That’s it! And we call it a mass revolution? How many of the people actually even know about the Lokpal Bill? You know, the biggest irony of the protest was that we were using the by-product of the biggest (biggest among those revealed) corruption scandal in India, our mobile phone- the 2G, to register our protest against corruption.

No, I am not against Anna Hazare. Infact, I salute him for his work. But I am against this mass hysteria created around this protest. “The Second War of Independence” “Jantar Mantar- India’s Tahrir Chowk”- It was all nuisance. The Lokpal bill still has a long journey to make. There has to be done- drafting of bill, passing the bill in Parliament, proper implementation of law and then getting it functional to act against corruption. And still there is no surety that it will stop corruption.

All this protest was like a ganga-snan (bath in river Ganga, which is believed to wash away all the sins committed by a person). By watching Anna Hazare news or tweeting about this, we believe that our image is now corruption free. But when it would come to getting our child admitted in the most-reputed college or in nursery, we will simply shutdown our eyes. Why shouldn’t you be put in jail with A.Raja? Just because the amount varies?

The most common excuse that comes when giving bribe is that we don’t have any other option. And I buy this point. Sometimes, actually we don’t have any choice. But the problem grows, when we become habitual of it. Take this case-

“For the first time trying to give BRIBE to an INCOME TAX OFFICER..bt failed Will try again..may be better luck nxt time..:))”

This was my friend’s FB status few days ago. He was simply ecstatic on giving bribe. It was like a big achievement for him. How can a person be so happy over the idea of bribery, i just can’t understand. He doesn’t even find it wrong. And that’s the biggest problem.

Infact, I, being a chartered accountant student, am being taught (though unofficially) that how to bribe or not to raise a voice against corruption! C’mon this is just the limit! Stop having corruption as a part of our culture. Stop promoting it.

I don’t expect everyone to adopt “I will not bribe” policy, but atleast have “I feel ashamed to bribe” attitude.

One doubts if corruption can ever be rooted-out from India. But It can be, with some radical change in our thoughts- when we start feeling ashamed of being a part of corruption, and not happy like my fellow friend; when we will not boost bribing as our achievement, but something as very unfortunate.

This is where people like Anna Hazare play a crucial role. They provide us with a mirror to look upon where we stand. The movements like these give us hope that we are not the only ones who hate corruption. Everyone wants to get rid of it. And if we raise our voice, there are people to back us.

Picture this. You go to a government office wearing an ‘India Against Corruption’ t-shirt. That government official will atleast think once before asking you for bribe and may even perform your work without any mithayi. That would be real change. The real win against corruption.

And yes, one day-and that day will come very soon- we Indians will live without corruption!

Some Important Information:

Freaking News-2

The ‘genuine’ news!

1. Betting starts over IPL

While the Indian Premier League next season is 5 months away, the bookies are already in action. And this time, they are not bidding over who would be the champion, but which franchises would actually be playing in it. On the condition of anonymity a bookie revealed that most stakes are being put over Team Kochi, whose in and out from IPL has been more dramatic than Shoib Akhthar’s inclusion and exclusion in Pak cricket team.

2. Rajasthan and Kings XI back in IPL

And as we were talking about IPL, here is a BREAKING NEWS! The Supreme Court, in a verdict has announced to include back Rajashtan Royals and Kings XI Punjab in IPL 4. The move came when both Shilpa Shetty and Priety Zinta threatened to start acting again if there teams were not restored.

3. Demand for M-Seal touches new record

With constant leaks of 2G spectrum tapes and documents of corruption in public, the demand for M-seal is breaking all records. Likes of Barkha Dutt and Ratan Tata are using it to save their reputation from being leaked out. But according to our sources, the major chunk of demand is coming from US Secret Services for fixing the leakage happening through wikiLeaks.

4. Animal Planet behind Strike in Parliament

This is the biggest revelation in the history of News!! The “real” reason behind 15 days strike in Parliament is now being unveiled. From our sources we have come to know, its the “animal planet channel”, in order to maintain its TRP has bribed our politicians for the strike. This has been done so that animal lovers stick to their chanel and do not move towards other animal centric channels like DD Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha where a bunch of dreadful animals runs the largest human democracy!

For now on, this is all we have for you. Thank you.

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Corruption vs Nation

Should we boycott CWG as a mark of protest against corruption? or should we support them to protect the image of India? Read on, as I try to find the answer.

“…do not watch these Games. Do not go to the venues. Do not watch them on TV. You cannot become a cheerleader to an exercise in cheating. The Indian people have been exploited enough, but to expect us to smile through it is a bit much….”

-Chetan Bhagat, on commonwealth games, in an article in TOI.

Author and writer Chetan Bhagat in his article has urged the nation not to support the 2010 Commonwealth Games, which he has described as  “by far, the biggest and most blatant, exercise in corruption in independent India’s history.

We Indians take pride in the fact that our GDP Growth rate is SECOND fastest in the world, but we ignore the fact that we are number ONE in terms of people living below poverty line!

If we try to understand, then Bhagat’s point of view is very much correct. Supporting Commonwealth means supporting the corruption. But on the contrary, not supporting the commonwealth means not supporting our nation. So, we have two options- either to support our nation and give protection to corrupt leaders or to stand against the corruption and destroy our nation’s image. (Its sad, but the matter of fact is, that India and corruption comes in a package, which we can’t separate.)

See, its not the question whether games will happen or not. They will take place without any hiccups. Neither its about corruption. CWG is not the first corruption scam in our country, we have seen many. But its about the eyes of  the world that would be glued on us.

Think about a protest rally happening during the games at India Gate. The world media would be reporting it. From Britain to Australia, people would get to know how corrupted games are. Can you even imagine how much pressure would it put on the government! They would be left with no option but to clean their sleeves and take actions against the corrupted officials. I know this may paint the image of India as a corrupted nation. But tell me honestly what’s more important- our image or what we actually are?

See, if you expect that for the time being we can support the games to protect our image and then after games necessary actions can be taken against corrupted officials, then that’s not possible. Infact, Kalmadi & Co would become national heroes for saving India from shame. If we want to take stand against corruption, it has to be NOW!

Hey, wait there is this other side of the coin. One of my friend told me this. In a training session for CWG volunteers, there was this 85 years old retired army officer. When asked what inspired him to be a CWG volunteer at this age? His answer was- ‘ I have served the country on borders for 50years and today also, I want to serve my county. ‘ That’s patriotism- the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for the nation!

Not all of us are corrupted. There are such people who would do anything for our nation. We can’t paint the nation, which actually belongs to such patriots, as corrupted!

It’s a very hard choice. On one had is the image of our nation, on other is the opportunity to do a bit to save our nation.

What do YOU choose? It’s your choice, make it count.