Hats off to Dhoni & Co: Players who made the India proud!

14 players and 1 God scripted the the BIGGEST moment in Indian History. Can anything on this planet give so much happiness to over 1.2 billion people of this earth? Hats off to each and every member of this team.


Hats off to our captain cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He is the best. He has brains, he has got the temperament and he has the guts. I can’t even imagine how a man with so much pressure can perform his task so fearlessly. Coming in before the inform Yuvraj and leading from the front at the biggest platform, he surely has the mettle of steel. What more substantiation you need when the God himself stamps him as the best captain ever. And as Ravi Shastri rightly commented after the triumph, its time for his critics to SHUT UP!

Hats off to the Yuvraj of India, Yuvraj Singh. Struggling with his form, with his fitness. Demoted to grade B and finding it hard to maintain a place in the team. What a turnaround he has had. When was the last time did we see him diving and throwing himself in air? He was our hero in the T20 win and he was the hero in this triumph also. But while the T20 was for his flamboyance, this time around he showed his desperation. With bat, he was the pressure-soaker and the anchorer, and with the ball he was the pressure builder and the partnership breaker. With batting average of over 90 and 15 wickets, he was indeed the Man of the Tournament.

Hats off to our bowling spearhead- Zaheer Khan. Whenever India needed a wicket, he was the captain’s man. Apart from him slower ones and reverse swingers, he was also the guide for other pacers. Indian bowling attack could have fallen apart without him. But he kept it intact. For a country not known for its pace attack, he is one legendary fast bowler.

Hats off to the Wall II- Gautam Gambhir aka Gauti. He was the top scorer in 2007 T20 final and yesterday he did that again. Unfortunately, on both the occasions he didn’t get the man of the match. With the fall of Sachin, the hearts of 121 crore people had stopped beating. But Gauti gave them life. The way he soaked the pressure and kept the scoring rate up was incredible. He is the new wall of Indian batting line up.

Hats off to the most dangerous batsman of the world- Virendra Sehwag. On filed the most explosive, and off-field the calmest of  all. He was the igniter. Hitting 5 consecutive first balls of innings for four, he always provided us the start giving other batsman the time to set. Those 5 fours in Umar Gul’s over in semis were outstanding.

Hats off to Powerplayer Ashwin. He was one player who was talked more for not being in the team. But in whatever games he got the chance, he proved why everyone wants him to be in the team. His powerplay bowling was outstanding. Unfortunate to miss the semis and final.






Hats off to gritty Virat Kohli. The highest ranked Indian batsman. He proved why he deserves to be amongst the likes of Sachin, Sehwag and Yuvi. His 35 were the most crucial runs he would ever score.

Hats off to agile Suresh Raina. In or out of the playing 11, he always contributed with his field and saving those crucial 10-15 runs in every match. His innings against Australia and Pakistan were so crucial.

Hats off the fighter Bhajji. He was not at his best. But he always maintained the pressure and never gave away easy runs.

The Turbunator

Hats off to consistent Munaf. He is not the best. But he bowled best in his limitations and kept a consistent line. Supported well to Zaheer Khan.

Hats off to rhythmic Nehra. He was there at 2003 final. Then he disappeared. And then was back into the squad. The SA match was a debacle. But he bowled beautifully in semis against pakistan. (Please, no more PJs now!)

Hats off to Sreesanth, Yusuf and Chawla. Well, they are the members of a World Cup winning squad. So hats off to them also.

And now from the men in blue to the GOD IN BLUE.

TAKE A BOW Sachin Tendulkar. You are the one who lives in the heart of every Indians. Its you whose one straight drive makes us forget all our worries. Its your passion which inspires everyone around. We Indian don’t love cricket as much as we love you. You are our God. Thank you for serving our country for so many years. And please continue to do this always and forever. This World Cup is for you. Love you Sachin!

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I belong to a World Cup winning nation! INDIA!!

You know is it something special, when SACHIN TENDULKAR, after spending 21 years of his life as GOD, declares this to be the THE PROUDEST moment of his life!

The feeling is yet to sink in. It still seems to be a dream. It is infact a dream. A dream that has come true. It is no doubt THE BEST moment of my life. No superlatives can express the feeling.

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People say this is after 28 years that we have won the world cup. But for my generation, it’s the first time! I have faint memories of 1999 world cup when Tendulkar lost his father, came back to India, but rejoined the squad and scored a century in the immediate match. I remember the 2003 final where even the heart was refusing to give any chance to India against the mighty Aussies and with Tendulkar’s wicket, it was all over. And lets just forget the 2007.

This time around in 2011, not only did the 1.21 billion people dreamed the World Cup for India, but also for their GOD. And last night, they all lived their dream.

With the target of 275, the stage was all set for Sachin’s 100th 100. But when he got out, it was a heartbreak and hopes began to fade. But credit to Gauti to Mahi for soaking up the pressure and giving us this euphoric triumph. On 2nd ball of 49th over, Dhoni, not only the ball, but sent the whole nation to a flyer!

The feeling at that moment was beyond any words. We all were jumping, dancing, hugging each other, shouting and it was just the beginning of the party! The images on the roads were unbelievable. People were dancing over their cars, on the bikes. Screaming!! Chanting INDIA INDIA!! The decibel level was deafening. All the roads were blocked. The dhols were beating, the beer was flowing and people were going mad! A police car came and people made those policewallas also dance!!

It was the BIGGEST PARTY EVER ON PLANET EARTH with 1.21 billion people going mad on the tunes of 10 players and 1 God.

Thank You Dhoni & Co. for giving us this World Cup.