Nationalism v/s Righteousness

So, finally we got the answer of Indian cinema’s biggest suspense, Why Katappa Killed Bahubali. While, most of us loved the movie, Bahubali-2 for its sheer grandeur, for me the most impressive part of the movie was the friction shown between Amrendra Bahubali and Rajmata Sivgami. Remember that courtroom scene where Sivgami gave Bahubali the option to either choose the girl or the throne. It wasn’t a choice between love and power; it was more than that.

Bahubali had no greed for the throne, but he was very well aware that the whole nation wanted to see him as their King. He was also cognizant about the fact that he is the most apt person to be the King and work for the wellness of all. For the sake of nation, choosing the throne was the apt option. On the other side, was Devasena, the girl Bahubali loved. Bahubali wouldn’t have thought even once to sacrifice his love for the nation or for the orders of Rajmata Sivgami. However, it wasn’t about love, it was about the self respect of a woman. It was about standing for the right, no matter against whom he has to stand.

We have a similar example in our religion, where a king has to chose between the nation and righteousness and he chose the nation, sending his wife into exile. Yes, I am talking about Lord Ram. Bahubali, however, chose to stand for the right.

Then, there was this another courtroom scene in the movie, where a pregnant Devasena was shackled in chain. Again, Bahubali chose to stand for the justice and questioned the constitution of the empire. He didn’t care on being labelled anti-national, but he chose to stand for the justice.

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Was he wrong in doing so? If not, then was Lord Ram wrong? Plus, don’t you think that it was Bahubali’s decision to not to choose nation first that ultimately led to the sufferings of all his people for 25 years. In order to save one woman, didn’t he put the lives and respect of thousands of women at stake, in the hands of Bhallaladeva?

And if Bahubali should have chosen the nation, would a person who can not stand on his words, can not stand for justice or a woman respect, had any moral standing to be the king? Can justice be overweight by anything else?


Tell Me One Good Reason To Celebrate the Birth of a Daughter!

Please don’t go into ethics and morals!! These things are good only for books and lectures. In actuality they are very subjective and people mould them as per their needs. I  want a practical reason of why should I celebrate if I get a daughter and not a son. Why I should not kill my daughter in the womb itself? What’s wrong in craving for a XY chromosome over XX?

The first and foremost argument I hear regarding this are the names like Sania Mirza, Indira Nooyi and Kalpana Chawla. But for every Sania, there are Dhonis and Virats who have got fame and money several folds higher than her. For one Indira Nooyi, we have, don’t know, how many male business tycoons and top managers. And talking about Kalpana Chawla, Rakesh Sharma had achieved the same fleet 15 years earlier than her! Not just India, this thing holds true worldwide. Take for example, out of Fortune 1000 companies, only 5.4% have women as CEOs.  So, when it comes to success or achieving something big, women are far behind men, in ALL the fields! (Cooking? Its Sanjeev Kapoor!).

So if you want me not to kill my daughter, first provide a level playing field for men and women, and show me results that women are as capable as men.

Even if she is successful, we all know that after marriage, the girl will spend rest of her life somewhere else. I will bring her up, will spend money on her education, will teach her, will take care of all her needs, will protect her,and then, she will be taken away by someone else! But, in case of boys, whether they take care of me or not, but at least they will give me food and place to live.

So, if you want me not to kill my daughter, then first change this system of marriage where the girl has to leave her parents and not the guy!

Forget about success and marriage, the mere thought of raising a girl child terrifies me. How will I protect her? She will be eve-teased, guys will stare her, touch her inappropriately. She might be raped or attacked by acid. And then I will be blamed to have failed to teach my daughter Indian culture and way of dressing. She will be termed slut or prostitute for inviting rape. If I have a son, I can teach him how to respect women; but if I have a daughter, I can’t teach the whole society to respect her.

So, if you want me not to kill my daughter, then first teach the society on how to behave with women!

Not just the rape, but I will have to worry about her friend circle because no one is going to accept her if she loses her virginity. I will have to stalk her facebook profile and mobile phone. I will have make sure what kind of clothes is she wearing, where she is going. I may have to stop her from pursuing her dreams- a post graduation course or a job or marrying the guy of her choice. Its not that I won’t want my daughter to live her life, but I won’t like my daughter to face repercussion for going against the social order. I won’t like if a guy cheats on her or if she’s beaten by moral police in a pub. If I have a guy, I can at least sleep peacefully.

So, if you want me not to kill my daughter, first make this country worth living for women- not just security, but respect!

I can still hide the fact about her virginity, but there is this more gruesome issue- What if she had a dark complexion? The society is going to ridicule her and nobody is going to marry her. I may have to spend a hefty amount on this disease called dark-skinned. And then there are also chances that she may turn out to be obese. I can’t take such risks by having a girl child.

So, if you want me not to kill my daughter, first make this society understand that there is more to women than her looks and body!

Even if by any chance, the fair n lovely cream is able to do any kind of miracle, then that is only going to reduce the rate of dowry. I will still have to pay a hefty amount for marriage of my daughter. Even if take a hypothetical situation, where I won’t be asked to pay any dowry, I will still have to bear most of the marriage expenses and whenever there is going to be any festival, I will have to spend money on sending sweets and clothes to my daughter’s house. Why should I be on the giver side and not on receiver side?

So, if you want me not to kill my daughter, then first stop this dowry thing- IN ALL FORMS!

See, we all know that gain and risk go hand in hand. Wherever there is return, there will be some kind of risk. So is the case with X and Y chromosome. Where boys are a retirement plan, girls are only a liability! So, you got a boy, its your gain whereas a girl is a risk. And why should not I take steps to reduce my risk? Why shouldn’t I get it checked before and remove the risk? Because, even if I am going to let her live, the society is going to kill her- her dreams, freedom, desires, respect and dignity.

I am not a murderer and neither I am some sort of heartless or anti-social person. Its does not give me any pleasure killing my own daughter. I would love to love my daughter as much as my son. But I will have to be rational. And by any measure of practicality, I bet that you can’t convince me to have a daughter over a son. You change this equation- provide equal opportunity to women, respect them and do away with evils like dowry- and I will change myself. Till that time, I will continue with the murders.

I will not kill my daughter, if the society will let her live!

P.S.: I don’t care about sex ratio because my son in any case is not going to marry his sister!


To Arvind Kejriwal Sir… From a Disappointed #AAPtard

Dear Arvind Kejriwal

I am one of your supporter. I am the one who is not your volunteer, but have fought numerous whatsapp and facebook debate on your behalf. My facebook timeline is filled with posts in your favour. I am one who saw you as a hero who is going to change the way politics is done in this country. I am your fan, follower. I am your aam aadmi.

Like in December 2013 and April 2014, I have again voted for you. But this time I am little disappointed from you. Because the party I have voted for today, is not the same as it was last year. This new AAP was contesting to win elections, unlike the older AAP who wanted to change political system. Its not that I have lost hope and neither I am saying that any other party is better, but I am fed up of defending you.

Now that the votes have been cast, sir, I want honest replies from you (You, the Aam Aadmi, not the Aam Aadmi Party convener) on the following topics

1. Free Free Free!– You entered politics for the sake of Jan Lokpal, to make India corruption-free. But this time around there were more hoardings of “wifi free”. You want to make Delhi, a wifi hub. Full marks for this. But free wifi? Why? If a person can afford a wifi-enabled mobile or laptop, then he has sufficient means to pay for internet. Similarly, is it practically possible to install 15 lakhs CCTV cameras?

Sir, I want promises of rain water harvesting instead of free water, use of solar energy and making buildings energy efficient to reduce electricity consumption instead of subsidized electricity. Sir, the issue here is provide us the facilities, develop them, make them available to the poorest! You may or may not provide them for free, but at least, the focus of your campaign should be development, not these freebies. Your campaign only wanted to attract more and more votes, instead of spreading awareness. Weren’t these only a marketing gimmick, just like Samajwadi Party distributing free laptops to youth in UP?

2. Money Power– Sir, tell me honestly. How much money did you spend in December 2013 elections and this time? The way you contested election in 2013, I got the hope that now any aam aadmi with whatever little means he has can contest election. Money is no longer a decisive factor. But this time, it was all about money power- who can out number the other party in number of hoardings and radio ads.

And then, there was this controversy on Rs. 2 crores donation. Sir, I am a Chartered Accountant, so I know that legally you are nowhere at fault. But you want me to believe that you or anyone in your Accounts Committee was not aware about the bogus companies or the real source of income? I am sorry sir, but I can’t accept this. I wanted to believe that you have any explanation. So I watched your interview on 5 channels and for the first time, I was not convinced by you. Can I get an honest explanation now?

3. Aam Aadmi or Arvind Kejriwal Party?– In 2013, I voted for aam aadmi, but in 2015, it was about Arvind Kejriwal. I have full respect for you as an individual. But I was disappointed that the whole focus of your campaign was not on aam aadmi, but on you! I agree that every campaign needs a face and you deserve to be the face of Aam Aadmi Party. But  wasn’t it the same what BJP did in Lok Sabha elections by focussing on Modi?

4. How were the candidates selected– I remember, there was this long exercise done by you in 2013 which was completely transparent in selection of candidate. But this time around, I have no idea how candidates have been selected. I heard that there were 17 candidates imported from other parties. Sir, there were also many winning candidates who were changed from last year. Were you long in selecting them last time?

Hasn’t your selection process become like those followed by other parties?

5. What’s your gotra– Sir, it was clear from that BJP advertisement that they were not targeting your caste. May be, the choice of word was incorrect, but making it an issue was pure politics from you. Before that, you were an aam aadmi of India and all of a sudden you became aam aadmi belonging to a certain community. You were my only hope that caste-politics will end in India. Honestly, tell me sir, did BJP really target your caste through that advertisement?

Sir, even today, I am your big fan. And being your supporter, I think, I deserve to ask you questions and expect honest answers.

You are our hope. I can understand that certain wrong things have to be done in politics. Had you not done such things, other parties would have eaten you up. But please remember sir, that you are there to change the system. Please don’t let the system change you!


Your  disappointed but adrent fan

P.S.: Yes, I have my resentments, but still an #AAPtard!





P.P.S.: No matter what, AAP is still waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy better than other political parties! They might have made some compromises, but their intentions are still clean.

Your Right is Not my Right

I was watching the news of struggle between militants and Iraqi soldiers and I realized how easy it is for us to paint the militants as villains. But have you ever wondered if a person is ready to take life of anyone or give his life, then he must be having some solid reasons behind it.

No, I am not favoring any militant. But you see, how easy it is for us to sit in our houses and announce one side in a war as wrong. On the other hand, those people believe in their cause so much that they don’t hesitate at all in sacrificing their lives. They are fighting because they believe that they are right. Its just that their right does not match with our right.

Understand this in this way. If you are standing against each other, then your rights will always be opposite. But that does not mean that the person against you is wrong.

All I want to say is that they differ in their thoughts, but saying that they are wrong/ bad people will be wrong. I don’t know what really prompts a person to fight a war, but I am sure its the same for a soldier as well as for a militant. The same person can be Bhagat Singh for some and Ajmal Kasab for others.

Third Group of CA Exams..!!

We all study Accounts, Law, Audit, Cost, Income Tax, and others. But why is it so that only handful are able to pass them? Some say, my Taxation is weak, I cant understand the concepts of Financial Management or some blame it on ISCA or Audit. But do you really think Accounts, Cost, Audit, Law, Tax are the subjects what makes you a Chartered Accountant?

Whenever you see results, you only see marks of Group 1 and Group 2. But there is another, the third group which you need to qualify for. Its the group whose exams are not limited to 3 hours, but continue throughout your life as future Chartered Accountants.

Like the other two group, you have four subjects in this group also with compulsion to pass all four. Lets take a look at these subjects and their content.

Subject 1: Capability-

Objective: To determine whether you have the ability to achieve your goal.

Content of the subject:

Past performance– Performance in school /college level determines your capabilities. If you have not been able to perform at those levels, then you need to buck up and improve your capabilities.

Clarity over fundamentals–  For those who only study for marks and do not believe in understanding the concepts at its core, its a tough road for you ahead. A person having basics of the subject clear is surely more capable than “muggers“.

Learnings from Articleship– The hours that one puts in in his articleship plays a very significant role in mental grooming – making you a lot more mature and capable of handling pressure. A dummy only makes you lethargic and less hard working.

Grasp over language–  Its not about English language or the language of law, its about conveying what you actually wants to convey. Knowing how to answer is as important as knowing the answer and this capability can get you those extra marks.

Intelligence Level– Every human being has his/her strong and weak points which influences their capability. Their are people who are called “born” intelligent, but then there are those who have to make themselves intelligent.

Subject 2: Hard Work

Objective: To check how much you can put it to achieve your goal

Achieving your targets-  For achieving any goal, its necessary to set small targets and then making sure that you achieve them, no matter how much hard work you have to put in.

Regularity/Time– Its not your college or school exams where you needed to put hardwork only during exams. One is required to work hard on continuous basis and in a regular manner.

Going in Depth- Its CA exam,  and you are expected to know everything in detail. Whatever you study, study in depth. No mugging up, not to consider any topic irrelevant and to obtain full understanding of each and every topic.

Smart Work- With hard work, its necessary to put the smart work. But beware of the thin line between smart and over smart.

Subject 3: Determination

Objective: To see how far you can go to achieve your goal

Content of the Subject:

The last attempt– There is always a next time. If you are preparing with this thought in mind, better give it the next time. Be determined to clear the exams in this attempt only. There is no second time of clearing it in first attempt.

No Excuses- You will get thousands of reason for not studying- from facebook to whatsapp to family functions to family burdens. But this subject does not recognize any excuse. If you have to, then you have to. This is it.

No shortcuts– This is the tough chapter. If I leave this one, still I can make up 50. Let me just go through it quickly, its not that important. If you are doing it like this, then such shortcuts are going to make long cuts in your marks. In CA, each and every thing is important. Dont take shortcut. Always prepare for getting 100 marks!

Stamina– Your body, your mind will give up. You will reach a saturation point. Each cell of your body say, no more please. And this is the time where most of us give up. But don’t. Because this is also the point where victory is only few steps away.

Subject 4: Luck

Objective: To make you aware about harsh reality of life

There are no subject. Nothing here. There can be circumstances where you have prepared the above 3 subjects, but sill can not make it. At such times, don’t lose hope! Luck can be against you once, but trust me, it will be with you next time. And never forget, harder you work luckier you become!


Capability, Hard work and Determination- these three are in your hands. Don’t be less than 100 in these three.

For the 4th one, I will say, All the Best..!! :-)

Sita can be saved from Ravana, but what about society?

Chitti, the robot, saw a building caught into fire. He climbs the 10th floor where a girl was struct as she was taking bath. Chitti amid all the fire saves the girl and brings her out. What followed next was the reflection of society we live in. Since the girl was taking a bath, she was naked. And by bringing her out as such in public, he stripped off all her izzat (respect). The girl’s mother curse the robot that he should have instead let her daughter die. The media persons kept clicking photos of girl. And the girl was so embarrassed, that she jumps on in front of a vehicle and kills herself!

A country where girls are killed even before birth, a raped girl is forced to commit suicide or killed, it was heartening to see such large numbers praying for the life of that girl and a nation wide mourn of her death. But does that mean that things have now changed or will change any time sooner? The answer is, I DOUBT!

The most worshiped God in Hindu religion killed the rakshash Ravana to take back her wife. But when it came antics of the society, he was forced to give up and had to send her wife into exile.

Cursing government, blaming police or demanding capital punishment are one thing, but more difficult than this is to teach society to respect women!

One incident has put upon the whole system- government, police, judiciary, society-under scanner. With so many things, incidents, so many debates, so many voices-I just hope this movement does not meet the ending like that of Lokpal Movement.

Below I have discussed some points, not the repetition of points we are hearing everywhere, but some other aspects which, I feel, we also need to consider.

  • Even Saudi Arabia has capital punishment!

There were so many facebook posts and posters praising Saudi Arabia for having such strong laws against rape and demanding the same in India. Yes, Saudi Arabia has capital punishment for rape but you really want a Saudi Arabia like law? REALLY?? A women in Saudi Arabia can’t move out without her husband or father! Even the McDonalds of Saudi Arabia have separate entry-exit and sitting place for women! A raped women is also punished in Saudi Arabia if she is found to have done any act which “got her raped“! You REALLY want such laws?

On the contrary, US does not have any capital punishment for rape crimes (Yes, all those facebook posts were baseless, see here) and still their society knows how to treat women.

So if you believe a capital punishment will resolve the issue. I DOUBT. Infact, several lawyers and judges feel that having a capital punishment will make prosecution tougher and  also a fear that rapist will then kill the girl after rape.

Then whats the solution?

Increase the prosecution rate and reduce the prosecution time! When you have prosecution rates as low as 26% and over 1 lakhs of pending cases, no punishment can stop rapes! Fast track courts, better prosecution procedure and a better, well equipped and independent investigation agency is what we need.  Capital punishment or not is a matter of debate, but by making capital punishment as top most demand, we are diverting from the main issue and also making it a lot easier for the government.


  • We Care about India, but what about “Bharat”?

Lakhs of children die in India because of malnutrition  But who cares! I have enough resources to feed myself and my family. Lakhs of Indian women are beaten up, assaulted in their house. But who cares! We are sophisticated ones and nothing like this happens in our family. Rapes are conducted in police stations. But who cares! I don’t live in rural India. Rapes are conducted every half an hour in India. But who cares! Such heinous things happen in villages, slums or with girls low on morality. A rape is conducted with a modern girl, in the capital city of Delhi, in public transport and all of a sudden! Oh God! This thing can also affect me.

And this is not limited to this case. Thousands die in naxal attacks every year, but its an attacks on 5 star hotels like Taj which makes headlines.

The protest has again highlighted the growing divide between (urban)India and (rural)bharat. We are working on making Delhi safe, but can Delhi be safe without providing any safety in Haryana or UP? I DOUBT. There was a Delhi police officer who pointed on this issue. He said that when most of our constables come from the land of khaps where women all so ill-treated, how can we expect them to have a mindset to handle crime against women. Till the time our focus will remain on urban society, we can’t get rid of this rape, or any other issue.

  •  A word for Mrs. Bachchan

Ma’am are you really serious about crime against women? Does that really hurt you?  REALLY?

Mrs. Jaya Bachchan is a MP from Samajwadi Party– the same party whose 3 MLAs (Sribhagwan Sharma, Anoop Sanda and Manoj Kumar Paras) have rape charges against them, the same party who rules UP- the state where rapes are conducted inside the police stations!

Ma’am if you feel so much about women, pls first do something in your own state, in your own party! And yes, I must say, you are a great actor.

  •  Izzat lut gyi“. What?

Sex is still very much a social taboo in India. Virginity is considered equivalent to the respect of a girl (however not in case of a guy!). So when a girl is raped, it is said that “ladki ki izzat lut gyi“(the girl has been ripped off of her respect). But I want to ask, does a person loses any respect if he/she is robbed, beaten or killed? Then how come a rape victim? A rape was an accident that happened with that girl. Why should it affect rest of her life.

The law provides that the identity of a rape victim should not be disclosed. But when I see a rape victim with her face covered or blurred, I found it weird and somehow, pathetic! The existence of such law shows that society still doesn’t accept the rape victim. Agreed, if for privacy reasons she doesn’t want her identity revealed, but if its because of fear of social acceptance- no one will marry her– then we need to correct it. A girl is absolutely normal after rape-she can have sex, she can conceive a child. Then why an apartheid-like treatment to her?

If I go a step ahead and pls don’t take me wrong but rape, as a crime, is somehow an over-rated. Agreed it is a heinous crime, but so is if a guy a murdered or beaten to make him handicapped. Whats serious about rape is the social phenomenon around it, where a large section does not considered it as a crime or where a rape victim has to face so many hardships from society.

Stop sympathizing them. Let rape victim lead a normal life. And you will find venom is lost from the bite.

Edit: On the latest debate on revealing the name of that girl, my personal opinion is yes it should be revealed. Of course, with due permission from family members.

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“Women in India do not need security. They Need Respect.”

(More to follow)

Are you a Rapist?- Find out by answering these simple questions.

If you laughed down your way reading this. Read it again! Its non non-sense. Its what you, me and everyone are. Our whole society is a RAPIST.  Be it their education, their marriage, their clothes, their friends, their activities- all we know is to put restrictions on them as if its all their fault. Women in India are raped everyday, every second, physically as well as mentally- raped of their freedom, choices and right to live.

Women do not need security. They need RESPECT.